Monday, July 7, 2014


Happy Monday people~!!!

Did you realise it is already July in just a blink? Time past waaaaaay too fast that I couldn't even remember what happened over the past few months. It feels like our wedding was just yesterday but it is actually soon going to be a year since last October! Phew~!

Our wedding is partially the reason I'm typing this entry. And by wedding I meant H.O.N.E.Y.M.O.O.N.

Yes, we have not gone for our honeymoon a.k.a well-deserved holiday yet. Work trips aside, the last trip Deardo and I went together was to Perth two years ago. Even this blog is screaming for a holiday post!

We wanted it to be a grand holiday to somewhere far in stead of settling for Bali or Phuket even though I agree they are great places for honeymoon. I know personally that this grand trip is important because we want to be a little selfish first and spend quality time together well before even start planning for a little monster and sacrifice every penny and every second for the little one

And I'm really thrilled to announced that our honeymoon have been CONFIRMED and it will be in September this year!!! Yay~!!!

Where are we going you ask? Let me tell you later. But I can tell you the trip costs us a bomb. When we were buying the air tickets, we realised how cheap it is for Singaporeans who are buying them with Singaporean Dollars and whined about how unfair it is even until today. It is no wonder how my friends who are working in Singapore can afford so many overseas trips a year and even tour Europe just like that while we suffer to even go to one city (tip to our honeymoon destination #1). We even talked about leaving KL to work in Singapore and blah blah blah...

Now that we have done booking the tickets, we are still cracking our heads to find nice yet affordable accommodation at the destination. And for the trip's sake we have been eating cheaper and I have to learn to cut down on shopping (which is obviously killing me).

For all these, we blame our country, we blame our currency and sometimes we blame ourselves for not coming from rich families... But at some point I will always come back to the positive me. 

I'll tell myself and Deardo why complain about our country and currency when you can just leave and go on and stay in Singapore, going back to renting a tiny room over there? Why complain about expensive trip when well I could go on and pick a cheaper place to travel to? Why complain about not having rich parents who can sponsor our trips when we can feel the sense of achievement and pride spending our own money for our own honeymoon?

I started to think of the brighter side of the entire matter. Like, how blessed am I having a stable job with a decent pay that can still send us all the way to our honeymoon's destination nonetheless. How blessed am I having such a loving husband who chose the destination that is mainly my choice of destination (tip #2) and how blessed are we to be able to go out and see the different side of the world when some unfortunate people can only dream of doing...
Photo Credit: Pinterest.
At the end of the day, a lot of the stuff in life are by choice. 

We chose to go for an expensive getaway.

We chose to enjoy ourselves because you only live once (YOLO is my favourite term NOW). 

We chose not to regret when we grow old.

And most importantly we chose to treat ourselves better and be HAPPY

Yep, even though it means giving up a lot of stuff but I rather we do it now when we still can!

And I really do think the choices you make will make whole loads of difference in your life. I've seen too many people around me choosing the wrong option and suffer. Worst is when they whine about life and put the blame on people who have better life than them, when it can be a totally different story if they have chosen another option earlier on.

Do you want to choose a course that is not your choice to study and suffer failing its exams and doing something you dislike as a career?

Do you want to buy a cheaper car although you can add on just a little bit more to buy a better car then regret later that you have not own a nice car in your entire life?

Do you want to save your money now for your kids and keep your dream holiday till when they are older then regret it when your useless kids grow till 20ish and still spending your money which makes it impossible for you to spend on yourself?

Or on an extreme note, do you want to hold on to your hard earned money in your bank account and regret not able to enjoy them when you suddenly die tomorrow *touch wood*?

You know there is a Chinese saying that goes 先苦后甜 (Bitter first, then sweet - Suffer first, then enjoy) but you know how many decades ago did the Chinese came up with this inspirational phrase? The fellar doesn't have any idea then how technology, diseases, natural disasters, accidents and many more factors could kill human before they could grow old, let alone to enjoy life. You see, today, if you put that phrase onto dining habits, studies have also found that having your dessert or fruits after meal will slow down digestion and suggest that we have desserts and fruits before having your meal, which means it should be 先甜后苦 (Sweet first, then bitter - Enjoy first, then suffer)! 

Of course, I'm not saying you should now use up all your money to buy your dream car or go on your dream holiday but if you can actually afford it, and if it actually makes you happier, then what the hell are you waiting for? *insert Linkin Park screaming~* YOLO you know!!! 

It is YOUR CHOICE. You choose what makes you happier. 
Photo Credit: International Day of Happiness.
And here are the choices we had to choose from for our long-overdue honeymoon...

1) U.S.A because I want to meet Ellen DeGeneres

2) Germany because he wants to visit Michael Schumacher at the hospital

3) Japan because we want to make sure the fish we are having comes with complimentary radiation 

4) Maldives because they are the only country in our list that is not in the World Cup.

5) Greece because Greek yogurt are healthier

Guess which one did we choose? 


Hayley said...

All the destinations you mentioned are cool! Whenever you go, just enjoy la! And come back in 3! ^_*

ShiRLeXia said...

Hayley! Out of so many things you have to mention the 3! Hahaha well thanks! :p