Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More New Cafes in Town!

Tried out three relatively new cafes in the city recently and here are some of my personal views...

Pulp by Papa Palheta 
Location: 29-01, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
The Coffee: By the way they showcase their coffee beans, coffee machines and other equipment, you know they are serious about their coffee. In fact, this coffee brand which started in Singapore sometimes holds workshops for those who are interested to learn more about coffee and sell their coffee beans and machines too.
My colleagues and I sampled their coffee and you could taste they are more on the soury side but not too much, just nice. Very good quality coffee but unfortunately to me personally, it was too small a cup for me to enjoy (note: We ordered Latte, Cappuccino and a Flat White and all came in a same sized cup).
The Atmosphere: You can see they have spent a lot on the look and feel of the garage-styled cafe. It looks simple yet classy. When we were there in the afternoon, it was cooling and quiet. Definitely one of the nicer cafes to enjoy your cuppa with a friend or two.
The Price: At RM10 each for coffee with milk, it's quite a standard price.
The Verdict: Big fan of their entire settings. Lovely place to hang-out, but even for someone who is learning to drink coffee the right way, I can't find the RM10 value in that overly small cup of coffee.

BAD by Wood & Steel
Location: Glomac Galleria, Galleria Hartamas, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL
The Coffee: Decent 'kaw' coffee, although not fantastic. Love the aroma of the coffee too.
The Cakes: Love the cakes! We sampled the Pavlova (which by the way was smashed but still served to us, what a hospitality), Poppy Seed (something) and Kaya Toast, all quite hearty and delicious. Only the Kaya Toast was a bit too sweet to my liking but it's Kaya!
The Atmosphere: Going on the Hollywood rugged style, the cafe stands out with its decor and self-made furniture that are so unique even Lil' Jolie was scared to sit on the chair! I personally always love usage of different styles of chairs and table in a single cafe in stead of uniforming them. :) It was a Friday night but it was surprisingly quiet and nice to be at the cafe!
The Price: RM10 for coffee with milk and around RM12 for cakes, I'd say it's quite standard too.
The Verdict: Come for the coffee, Stay for the Cakes. :p

Jeneris by Ahren
Location: Nu Sentral, Lot CC-14, Concourse Level, Jalan Travers, KL Sentral
The Coffee: At Jeneris, they offer a wide range of coffee and flavoured coffee at two sizes - 8oz or 12oz. Out of curiosity I ordered something new - Yin Yong Latte, RM12 for 12oz. In stead of the usual tea, they use Chai tea (if I got it right) plus espresso in milk. It's quite a cool combination that even someone like me who don't fancy Chai tea finds it quite nice. So thumb-up for the creativity! Cappuccino was just average.
We ordered a blueberry muffin for Jolie who didn't want to finish it and so we tried. It was way too hard to be eaten, perhaps they have heated it up with a microwave?
The Atmosphere: Personally love the entire rugged settings, plus how they put stuff and those flowers on each tables. So lovely! Same cannot be said about their presentation of cakes in the chiller, making them so unattractive.
The place itself was really quiet when we were there (p/s: we were the only ones there at 9ish at night).
The Price: Coffee are priced at RM7-RM13, which is still acceptable, but charging service charge for self-service ordering? BIG NO-NO!!!  
The Verdict: Strangely, a cafe at such busy area can be so quiet... And we kinda understand why now...

Tell me if you know of any other cafes that are a must to visit, ok?

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