Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Have been forcing myself to make my own breakfasts and lunches to work because 1) Tired of the limited choices offered around my office area, 2) tired of paying expensive prices for meals around my office area and 3) healthier to eat home-cooked food.

I can see a lot of you are doing this overnight oats thingy for breakfast that looks like a trending share on social media. Because Deardo has been eating overnight oats soaked in water for quite some time, I decided to make his breakfast a bit more interesting and 100 times yummier. He loves it by the way! :) I of course, enjoy it for breakfast too sometimes (can't take it everyday, seriously not so much into oats).
Overnight oats with blueberries.
Overnight oats with bananas. 
Although the original recipe calls for strawberries, I've changed it to blueberries, bananas and papaya just because they are cheaper fruits. Also sometimes change to normal yogurt because Greek yogurt are expensive in Malaysia.
Just in case you haven't heard of the recipe, simply soak rolled oats, chia seeds and choice of fruits with Greek yogurt, low fat milk and a dash of honey (I skipped that whenever using flavoured yogurt), send to the fridge overnight and voila~ Breakfast's ready without you waking up earlier to make it!

Unfortunately my office doesn't have a microwave, so I'm stuck either making salad or anything that can be eaten cold. Sometimes I do use the thermos container but that doesn't help too much anyway. :(
My basic is of course loads of vegetables, sometimes with eggs, sometimes with tuna or chicken breast.
Hard-boiled egg, Kyuri cucumber, capsicum, tuna in oil, spring onion and pepper to taste. 
For a slightly more luxurious version lunch, broccoli, hard-boiled egg, tuna in oil, fish roe, spring onion and pepper to taste.
Broccoli is often more expensive, so Cauliflower makes a good replacement, with Kyuri cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, tuna in oil, spring onion and pepper to taste.
Chicken and Cucumber Salad. Recipe here.

Sometimes with Soba noodles, leftover 10-grain rice or Quinoa. Actually just started eating Quinoa after much hoo-haa on the internet have talked about it being super healthy and all. It's tasty actually, like a crispier version of rice or couscous but it's definitely very expensive to eat in Malaysia, sigh...
Soba, Kyuri cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green peas, ham with roasted sesame dressing.
Dried Soba Noodles with Romaine lettuce, green tea tofu and ham.

10-grain rice with tuna in oil, Kyuri cucumber, capsicum and baby spinach.
Quinoa with baby spinach, capsicum, grapefruits and hard-boiled egg.
Quinoa with Kyuri cucumber, broccoli and hard-boiled egg.
Quinoa with Kyuri cucumber, water cress, capsicum and ham (curry gravy from Mamak stall. lol.)

Or go lazy and have these simple but super satisfying snacks as lunch...
Vegetables with Hummus dip. 
Homemade Tuna Mayo with Romaine lettuce wrap. Cherry tomatoes with Asam Boi Powder. 
I'm very very addicted to Hummus (recipe here) every time I start eating it I can't seem to stop! And Tuna Mayo with Romaine lettuce is like way tastier and lighter than having them with breads! So yummy!!! :D

I don't think my lunch boxes look very appetising though. In fact, some of them I can't even say they taste nice or filling enough. But who knows? You might find some inspirations here if you are looking for healthy meals to make? :p

Then giving a little airtime to the simple dinners I cooked over the weekends.
Baked Dory Fish, Stir-fry Cauliflower, Sambal Okra with shrimps and ABC soup.
Fu Yong Fried Eggs, Stir-fry broccoli with minced chicken and herbal soup.
Tom Yam Fried Bihun, Recipe here
Fish Porridge.
To go with some boiled spinach.

Time to warm up the kitchen again yo?


Hayley said...

The overnight oats thingy has been so popular lately! Me too, not really into oats...

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea lor, I also don't like. But this overnight one isn't too bad lar, have to eat sometimes to control cholesterol level a bit.

Yannie said...

ShiRleXia, your breakfast, lunch and dinner are all healthy and well-balanced, you are indeed a very good wife, your hubby is blessed.

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot Yan for your compliment! :)

But you know all the weird lunch boxes... He is not included lar! Very hard to convince to eat such weird stuff. :p