Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unforgettable Durian Pie @ The Humble Pie Co, Section 17, PJ

After burgers, it looks like pies are the next big thing in KL city with a few outlets selling pies popping up. Well I have definitely no problem with that trend because I am personally a big fan of pies, especially after two years of enjoying quality pies when I was studying in Perth!
So we went to sample Humble Pie Co one night for supper with the SIL and BIL. Unlike the norm of rugged design, the little cafe is bright, clean and looks simple yet chic, providing a very cozy environment for its diners.
I'm in love with their interior design and simple yet comfy furniture. 
Although they named themselves The Humble Pie, their menu has more than just pies (both sweet and savoury), with snacks, pasta and main course included in the menu. We were asked to order everything at the counter but was charged service charge for that and that is always a big no-no for Deardo and I. SERIOUSLY RESTAURANTS OUT THERE, HOW CAN YOU CHARGE SERVICE CHARGE WHEN YOU RUN A SELF-SERVICE SYSTEM???
Chicken Bites, RM10.
Chicken & Mushrooms Pie, RM20.
The Chicken Bites, which is basically fried chicken wings was not too bad, especially how the rockets that they lay underneath the chicken tastes really nice with some of the oil from the fried chicken. It is however, a very simple dish to make. The Chicken and Mushrooms Pie was a huge letdown, with the fillings a bit too watery to our liking and it tastes like those recipes that I found earlier where the pies fillings are make with canned Campbell soup... I'm sorry but Deardo also agreed that my Chicken Pie tastes better. And to charge RM20 for that pie is pretty crazy! 

Durian Pie to the rescue!!!
I was so glad we chose the Durian Pie for dessert in stead of all other sweet pies available. At RM15, the pie is worth every single penny! The fresh cream and the pie base were awesome but the best thing about the pie is the real durian flesh which was impressively delicious when go with the cream! It was simply unforgettable and a must try for Durian lovers!!! :)
Latte, RM10.
Coffee was just decent but that isn't their main thing anyway.
Lil' Jolie with chocolate on her face again!!! :p
I think as a cafe that has 'pie' in their name, I expected more from them in their pies, which is supposed to be their specialty. With the Durian Pie being so fantastic and the Chicken & Mushrooms Pie being a failure, I'm assuming you can actually go give their sweet pies a try in stead of trying the expensive but disappointing savoury pies.

The Humble Pie Co
11, Jalan 17/45,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7932 1793


Hayley said...

I love pies too, but not the durian ones ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

You don't eat durian don't you? :p