Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shirlexia's Chorizo Sausage Pork Pie Recipe

Remember my Chicken Pie recipe?
After that first trial, I was eager to try making the pie with different fillings. So the first trial was Chorizo Sausages (you may have heard of them here) which I have two more left in the freezer. So today I'm gonna share my own pie creation which I shall name it Chorizo Sausage Pork Pie.

What you need:
Chopped garlic and onions, 2-3 Chorizo Sausages cut into pieces, about two cups of minced pork, green pies, sliced mushrooms, cream, any type of stock (I used pork cubed stock), salt and pepper to taste, frozen puff pastry

What to do: 
1) In a pan/pot, simmer the garlic and onions with either oil or butter.
2) Add the sausages and continue stirring.
3) Then add in the minced pork and stir and let them cook.
4) Add in the green peas and mushrooms.
5) As the ingredients cook, add in enough salt and black pepper to taste.
6) Now add in stock then pour about half a cup of cream into the mixture. 
7) Let it boiled and you are done with the filling of the pie! 
8) Scoop the filling into the puff pastry in a muffin mold as seen as in my earlier post. Cover with another sheet of puff pastry then brush the surface with egg for a brownish colour then send into pre-heated oven at 180c for about 20 minutes. 
9) Let the pies cool down a bit then remove from mold and serve immediately or let them cool on lined tray. 

We had the pies for dinner with a side sauteed vegetables and they were awesome!!! These pies actually tasted better compared the the earlier chicken pie mainly because of the flavour from the Chorizo Sausages which make the filling a little spicy and comes with a nice spice fragrant! :)
My awesome Spanish-twist pies! :p
What's better to feel good about your own creations? Hehehe...
Maybe we should try using roast pork next?


Hayley said...

You always write so details one, with photos somemore, thumbs up for you! ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha Hayley you don't know behind the scene how kelam-kabut was I only! :p

plasterers bristol said...

Yum yum, sounds delicious, must try. Thanks for sharing.


ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks! :)