Sunday, July 20, 2014

Super Delicious Beef Dishes @ Gyuniku Restaurant

Gyuniku Restaurant, as its name says it, is a restaurant selling mainly beef dishes, both noodles and rice, with of course some alternative dishes with chicken for non-beef eaters. It's a Halal restaurant though, so no pork served!
It was really a random lunch choice so we ordered based on dishes that look pretty nice in pictures and here they are:
Sauteed Beef Rice, RM13.
Red Braised Beef Soup with rice, RM12.50.
Awesome ingredients! :)
Deardo's Sauteed Beef Rice has a very flavourful gravy (may be a little too salty without the rice) and the thinly sliced beef were very tender. Have the beef to go with rice, blanched vegetables and a fried egg and it really spells perfection! My Red Braised Beef Soup with rice is something similar to Hong Siew-style (红烧), only this one is slightly more tamoto-ish, which I really love. The soup comes in a claypot and has beef, beef balls and some awesome innards, with some radish and carrots. Despite sweating my heart out eating the dish, I really enjoyed it a lot! 
Oh my, I really want some of those beef soup now!!!
The bill came up to RM25.50 (without any extra charges), which is slightly expensive for workdays lunch. But it is a place I will definitely go back again one day when I feel like getting my beef-fix! :)

Gyuniku Restaurant
20, Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-23000122

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