Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Favourite Udon @ Manmaru Homemade Udon, Midvalley

I stumbled upon Manmaru Homemade Udon very accidentally on a night when Lea and I were at Mid Valley looking for a place for dinner and she was craving for some Udon, and we decided to give this new place a try.
The restaurant works like a fast food chain where you get into a line, make your orders, pay and take your food with you while those that need more time to prepare will be sent to you later. There are more than 10 types of hot and cold Udon flavours to choose from, priced at as low as RM8.90 up till RM14.90 (depending on flavours and size, they have big and small size). And they have a wide variety of side orders and Tempura items to choose from as well, ranging from RM1.80 up till RM5.90.
Curry Udon (small), RM12.90.
Kimchi Udon (small), RM13.90.
As a first timer, I tried one of the most traditional flavours - the Curry Udon and I must say while the curry was just average, I find the Udon extremely delicious. With the chewy texture and the fact that it was cooked just nice, the Udon immediately become the best Udon that I've ever tried. I mean, I'm not even an Udon fan, so bad that I can't even finish a bowl of normal Udon at a well known Japanese restaurant. Yes, I am that particular with Udon. Even Lea loves the Udon here! Of course we know why, the Udon here are handmade by its Japanese chef whom if you are lucky, you may see him wandering around the shop talking to Japanese customers (I met him there once, that's why). 

White Fish Tempura, RM3 and Enoki Tempura, RM1.50.
Inari, RM2.
I love the Tempura a lot too because I can literally taste the freshness of the ingredients, especially the white fish! Presentation wise, they also look really clean (batter still very fair, proving that the oil used was clean) and not burnt.
That's us having great fun on a girls night out! 

After our first visit, I purchased some Groupon vouchers and brought Deardo there to try. Hahaha, should I say, we went all out trying almost all their Tempura???
Salada, RM2.90.
Sweet Potato Tempura, RM1.50, Ika Ring Karage, RM1.80 each and Chicken Karage RM2 each.
Cream Corn Udon, RM14.90 (small).
Still, I love their Tempura a lot, especially the Chicken Karage. Udon wise, The Cream Corn has become my new love. Creamy but not too overly creamy and trust me, sprinkle some sesame seeds (from their self-service counter) and you'll get a bowl of heavenly Udon! 
Both of us were excited, so ignore Deardo's 'bo syok-ness' in the photo! :p
In my personal opinion, Manmaru wins not only because of its freshly made Udon which has great texture, but also very good quality and creative soup base. While I think the Udon are slightly pricey for the portion given, the side orders are very reasonably priced but most importantly, they are all really well-presented - very clean that it makes you feel like you are dining in some high-end hotels! 
And yes, since that visit, Manmuru has become both Deardo and my favourite place to go whenever we want some nice Udon. :)

Manmaru Homemade Udon
S-045A, Center Court,
Second Floor, Mid Valley City Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 1663

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