Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Highly recommended Sanuki Udon & my 3rd Lou Sang of the year

Late dinner @ Sanuki Udon, Taman DesaHere we are at Sanuki Udon!
Last Thursday my dear's cell group had a night-out makan activity at Taman Desa, so I tagged along after my gym session.Us, without the photographer...
Shirlexia with the very cute photographer~!
Ket Hon recommended this restaurant which looks very simple but sells probably the best and freshest Udon I've ever had in my life so far. I don't know how to describe, the Udon just taste really different. The best thing is, the price is so bloody reasonable!The very simple menu, at a glance~!
Over here they have Udon with a few flavours, and except for the curry flavour, the rest can be done in hot or cold! Pretty cool right? That night three of us had the curry one, including me. It was really nice, despite the fact that I'm not a Japanese curry's fan. The curry was nicely done, and the Udon is just fantastic! Dear's original and Ricko's Kakiage Cold Udon are pretty good too. Come to think of it, these guys were actually impressed with the Udon although they came with only vegetables and no meat at all! So I guess you can see how good the Udon here are!
We also ordered the Chicken Karage and Edamame which are ok-ok. But with the Udon price ranging from RM5-RM7 and sides at RM1-RM3, the food is just too good! The only complain is that I think the portion is too small for guys. I mean it was definitely enough for me, but not for the guys lor! My favourite Edamame at RM3.
Three pieces of Chicken Karage at RM3.
Cold Udon with Kakiage.
Cold Original Udon served with some Choy Sum.
The Curry Udon with onion, carrots and some minced chicken, I think.
They also sell fresh Udon for you to make them at home hey! AND!!! They are opening soon at Wisma Cosway! So, Ah Fa! Check this restaurant out! It's 'Starts at 5.30pm' lar... ==|||

Lou Sang Lunch @ Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33
This is my first Lou Sang of the year. The second one was at home in Taiping where we Da Bao from Sushi King and I still think Sushi King's Yee Sang is the best so far.
So I had my third Lou Sang of the year last Friday, which is the last few days of CNY, this time around with my dear's bunch of car club friends, and their gfs and wife, of course.Very crowded Oriental Pavilion...
Us, without the photographer, Kevin.
With a restaurant like Oriental Pavilion, you can expect it to be slighty pricey lar. But surprisingly there were quite a big crowd over there, mostly having their Dim Sum though! Hmmm... Maybe I should go and try their Dim Sum one day!
Here are what we had...The Yee Sang set.
Super duper yummy Claypot Pork Belly with Eggplants.
Nai Bak in Seong Tong.
The Braised Imperial Beancurd with Spinach.
The.... Forgot the name, but you know what is it lar. :p
Smoked Farm Chicken is a MUST TRY!
Well I definitely love their Claypot Pork Belly with Eggplant and the Smoked Farm Chicken. I reckon the Braised Imperial Beancurd with Spinach is better at Duck King. Together with rice and tea for 9 person, it all came up to RM300 plus, urm around RM35 per pax lor.
Not too bad but not too fantastic lor. Anyone wanna go try their Dim Sum with me???


rainbow mushroom said...

dim sum i recommend BSC's Imperial, BSC's Ming Room or Menara Hap Seng's Elegant Inn.
trust me. *smirk

ShiRLeXia said...

Ha... You're tempting me!