Saturday, February 2, 2008

A series of OMG!!!

OMG!!! Here's a look of my hair that I‘ve angrily pulled out from my own head! The very 'final product' by the stylist in Taiping who did the rebonding for me about a month ago.OMG!!! I just saw myself in the magazine! Couldn't believe they put that picture of me dancing during the stage play on! Next time, can they pick something that I look not so FAT???
OMG!!! I was very surprised when one of the friends that I chatted on Xiao Ma's forum told me that I'm the top three in the list of 'most posts' of the day! Here's a look on how crazy am I addicted to Xiao Ma's forum... I'm very sure my boss will be VERY DA HAPPY if I pay that much of effort on my work! :)

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