Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Night with the Backstreet Boys!

Wooohhh... What a tiring night at the Backstreet Boys' concert! I wanted to get up earlier this morning to go to the gym but damn I was too tired, I have sore back and legs after standing and jumping the whole night! It was really an awesome show man!
I got some of the videos here, they might not be so clear, and every time I zoomed, the sound just disappear! Anywayz, here they are...
First of all... More than that

My favourite BSB's song of all, All I Have to Give

A very short one from Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

Quit Playing Games with My Heart, the song that I love the MV more than the song! Hehehe...

And a short clip of the guys dancing! Woo~Hoo~!

And please excuse me for the VERY loud singing and screaming at the back! Yea... It was me, don't ask me who's that crazy woman...

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Anonymous said...

Project S不錯~
concert 應該很好聽吧?

By 傻仔