Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girls, please protect yourself!

I know it is a bit out-dated to publish this picture(I've been waiting for people to forward those pictures to me but damn in the end I had to look for it myself), and I know it's not so nice to publish it, but I'm doing this to send out warning to all girls out there!
The Edison Chen scandal shocked almost everybody and I personally think it's all done for him and those actresses who are involved in it. But I really don't get it. Don't those girls have brains? How come they can just let some guy take such pictures of them? Even a normal person would have the brain to think and protect themselves, what more is these girls are 'public people'? Stupid, definitely stupid!
To all girls out there, even if that's you boyfriend, please DO NOT EVET LET ANYONE TAKE PICTURES OF YOU LIKE THAT!!!

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