Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day @ Ayer Tawar

My two-week-long CNY break is coming to an end soon. So for the sake of not wasting my holiday, I got my dad to bring the whole family to Ayer Tawar. Now, for your information, I have relatives there at Ayer Tawar. My late grandfather’s late sister’s family are there. So I thought it’s so near Taiping, why not we just have a day trip to Ayer Tawar to visit them?
It took us about 1 and a half hour to reach there and we first visited our uncle or we call 'go tiao gong' in Hokkien(my late grandfather’s late sister’s husband). That was the first time I met him after probably 8-10 years time. So it was really nice to see him again although he doesn’t recognize me anymore. He is 90 this year, so give him a break. He can still ride on a motorbike to the market everyday! Anywayz, it was just a short visit at the old house, which you may find it really interesting.
The special decoration at my go tiao gong's house!
Also, the very special toilet...Many of you who spent the whole life in KL may not have a chance to see these photos in some kampung hosues.Ahhh... I love these olden days radio and fan!They are soooo cute!Chit-chatting session going on...My 90 year-old go tiao gong, striking a pose with a can of 100 Plus... A pic with go tiao gong before leaving... Eh, Mi, how come you include your figer in the photo ar?
And then… Ta da… The lunch that I was soooo looking forward to! The Hock Chew lunch that is a must! Though I can’t really remember much of the taste of the food the last time I had them, the dishes are still very special. Let me introduce them to you… The Hock Chew-Style Loh Mee.The Hock Chew-style Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet.The Hock Chew-Style Sweet & Sour Bak Kut! I really like this!The Hock Chew-style HOT Tofu Soup! Yummy!The one that I've missed for so many years! The very yummy Sweet & Sour Fish Maw & Sea Cucumber Soup! Whoa!

Look yummy? Haha, I can’t help ya, they are all in my stomach now! Hehehe…
Of course, another must in Ayer Tawar is surely the ‘Kong Piang’. It’s a kinda biscuit a.k.a bread that is made in a hot pot like how people make naan at the mamak restaurant. They have both empty ones and also with pork. I always love them! It’s yummy yummy…

Whenever you see this by the road side of Ayer Tawar, you know you gotta stop!
And… The day trip was done on a Valentine’s Day! There went my 2008 Valentine’s Day!
To all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Anonymous said...

can i have a kong piang with PORK? haha

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... Now no more wor...
Who are you ar?