Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Backstreet's Back, Alright!!!

I almost lost my voice after all the singing and screaming! I mean, maybe by tomorrow I really will have no voice at all to talk!
I thought Backstreet Boys' concert is on a weekend until last night when I chatted with Pat did I found out it was today, which was actually my off day! So I ended up buying the ticket today and went to the concert straight away with Ducum and her friends! And that was only my second concert after David Tao's way back in 2003! Damn, that was long long long time ago! And it was my first time attending an American band concert too!
So... I was a bit worry that the number of people at the concert would be little. I mean, it's Wednesday and Backstreet Boys is like a Pop band ages ago! I even know that there would be people who would laugh at me saying it's so cheesy to love a Pop band. True, nowadays it seems everybody is into rock bands such as Linkin Park or My Chemical Romance. But I don't care. I can proudly tell ya, I LOVE BSB!!! I'm a HUGE fan of the guys since their first album back in somewhere 1995 or 1996 when I was still in primary school!
Anywayz, it turned out the crowd was quite big! And surprisingly I saw many of BSB's male fans!
Shirlexia at BSB's Malaysia Concert 2008. No... I mean, that's me at BSB's concert! Arrrrhhhh!!!This picture is only showing about 1/4 of the crowd.
Here come the guys!!! (scream! scream! scream!)
And almost everybody was so high! It was the first time the BSB is back after the Tsunami concert. That was what they said. I thought it was more than 10 years ago when they came for their first album promotion. I think the reason the concert was so great was the fact that we all know almost all the songs except for some which are quite new to us. The atmosphere was so high when everybody just sang along with the guys! At times I can't even hear the guys singing, it was all our voices!They look so handsome in the suits! But damn it must be HOT!
Now that's the younger colour to make them really Backstreet 'Boys'!
We have some really famous love songs such as As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games With My Heat, All I Have to Give, I'll Never Break Your Heart, etc. And then some dance songs such as Everybody, Larger Than Live, The Call, etc. They of course made changes in the arrangement of the songs and it made it hard for us to guess what was the next song until they started singing. But that was really nice because you can't really stick to the original ones cos they are probably out-of-date now, seriously they were just awesome! Like some of the songs they made it sounds like rock songs that we just jumped up and down like we were at a Rock concert! And though it was a bit weird to see these guys, now some already 30 something dancing, I still take it! I mean, it was really really great to get to see them live in Malaysia! The four also did their solos. Howie sang some kinda Spanish song and although I always think he's the weakest in terms of vocal, it was the first time I see him shaking his body like that! A.J. was next, a Rock song from him, and he was the stand-out of all in terms of performance! Nick also sang a half-Rock but it was just okay... And then it was the funny Brian, singing his famous Welcome Home... Only if Kevin was there it would be perfect! Kevin was my favourite Backstreet 'Boy'!Possibly the best picture I took the entire night! The very funny and cute Brian! I love him!!!
My one time favourte... Oh come on, everybody's one time favourte... Nick Carter, with his really obvious pimples!We almost lost A.J to drugs, thank god he is still with us cos he's awesome!!!
Cute Howie, still as cute as always!
The concert lasted 2 hours and I certainly didn't feel like leaving. It wasn't enough! 15 years of BSB and they have still some other hit songs that they didn't sing! But overall what a great and awesome show! Less talking and more singing. Really enjoyed it, proved it with my sweat, my dirty feet, and my voice! BACKSTREET BOYS, GREAT SHOW! LOVE YOU GUYS!
P/S: Thanks to the sponsorship of Shirlexia, it was also Ducum's first concert of her life. All she could say after the concert was, "Syok!"
I have also some videos that I'm trying real hard to upload them in Youtube and I'll put them all on here later to share with you guys!

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