Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm sorry I have to write this crap here but I'm damn pissed off that I need somewhere to let it out!
Just now, I arrived at the media centre of the Ironman Malaysia at Dataran Lang, took my food for breakfast, and one of the Malay guys who was also from the media (god only knows which press he's from) was getting up from his seat to get more food. I NEVER thought of taking over his seat, but he turned to me while taking his food, and said:"Eh, I belum habis lagi tau!" So I just told him I know, but in my heart I was like, WTF? I mean I know you're not done yet, and even if you want to tell me that you still want your seat, tell me in a proper way lar! By saying "Eh, I belum habis lagi tau!" sounds like you're so stingy and not gentleman at all! Some other people might even let me take the chair and then take another chair for himself, okay? Fuck,Malaysian men are terrible!
The worst thing is, after that, he just kept on eating and took food for the third time! And then he was telling his friends there that he better go to sleep after eating.......
Oh man, rude, not gentleman, eat too much(when he's already quite fat) and lazy... He'll definitely be getting a long face from me the whole day or anytime I see him again!

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