Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bangkok Dangerous

Because of all the stupid sickness and great trip, I've missed movies for a few weeks. And gosh, I've skipped gym for 2 weeks now! I'm growing FAT, damn it!!! Better recover fast and start hitting the gym again!
Okay... That's not the main point of this post. The main point is... I finally watched a movie! Although... It was supposed to be movie(s).
Bangkok Dangerous
The reasons for me to watch this movie were :1)I'm quite a fan of Nicholas Cage(although not the-very-crazy type), 2)I'm quite a fan of the Pang Brothers, although some of their movies suck, and 3)Ducum watched it and told me it's good!
And the reason for me to write this blog post is to tell you how I disagree with Ducum Tan!!!
The storyline is very normal, the action is not as good, the love story part is so damn cheesy I feel like all my hair were standing up like when I saw High School Musical 3's preview! So geli!!! The part where Nicholas Cage got robbed and he killed the robbers and Charlie Yeung started crying... Oh my god! What was that??? And the thing I hate the most is, the ending where Nicholas Cage decided not to kill that fat Thai guy just because of a girl... I was like... WTF??? That shouldn't be an ending to a cool killer, okay? I just cannot believe that is the end of the movie! Bloody cheesy and bloody useless!
Okay, to be honest, not only did the story made the killer looks so uncool, I have to say Nicholas Cage himself didn't fit the character of a killer. His body looks so weird and he is hunchback! And the hair, the hair... I've never seen such uncool killer before!
So no... I totally disagree with Ducum... Not a good one.
Oh anywayz, I'm soooo going to catch Madagascar 2 asap! Karen and Meng Han already watched it on its preview and they love it! I like to move it! Move it~!


Lay JinG said...

hehe... not interest to watch this movies! But am going to watch James bond and madasgacar soon!

Ah Han said...

haha...yaya..Madagascar is very nice and funny!! I like to move it move it, u like to move it move it,we like to....move it!!! hahaha!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Eh Ah Han, you guys very 'Jian' one lor...