Friday, November 14, 2008

Lunch @ Teapot Cafe, SS2

One thing I like about my job is, every month there will be a monthly lunch+meeting with the boss, who would pay the lunch with the company's money. Of course, very unfortunately, we previously had it either at KFC or Burger King, which was like, what the???
So we skipped a month of the monthly lunch thingy since my two colleagues left. This month, only two of us went for the lunch, which is really solely 'lunch' without any meeting. Aaaahhh, got, got, it's a lunch with lots of gossiping and bitching... Hahaha...Teapot Cafe from the outside, obviously showing it's not a new cafe...
Very-the-Western-looking cafe...
Thanks to my boss, we went to this really fancy looking Teapot Cafe at SS2. The deco of the quite old cafe looks really fancy, just like a real British looking cafe. According to my boss, the owner herself is a teapot collector(there is such word, right?), that is why the cafe is named Teapot and there are many teapots in the cafe! Of course, teas are also the main thing in their menu.
They keep their food menu to the minimum, but they are all good. They serve Western food and also some local food like their famous Mee Mamak and also Mee Bandung.
And most of all, the pastries are the most famous ones! My boss wanted to go for their eclaire, but very unluckily their oven broke down and we cannot have eclaire, and any other baked dishes! Aaaarrrh...We also had this Chamomile tea, which is to me, a bit weird... Ah well, I never really like flavoured tea.
Anywayz, I love my something basil grilled fish (sorry, really can't remember the full name). The fish was ok, the sides were good! Especially the potato salad! And the one I would recommend the most would be the Serimuka! I don't normally love kuih, but the Serimuka is really good! Trust me! The Mee Mamak looks delicious hey!
The something Basil Grilled Fish that I had was yummy!
We had the Serimuka fresh, when it is still hot, so it looks a bit not-so-tasty, but I tell ya, it's REAL good!
Well, my boss said she would be back again just to get the eclaire, so erm... Looking forward to my second visit and I want to try the Mee Bandung! Yay!

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