Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shirlexia has got Polka Dotsia!

And it's a rhyme!
You know how long I've been thinking for that oh-so-cool title(at least I think it's cool!:p)? And you know I've been wanting to write this post for such a while, just to show people how much I'm in love with polka dots? Haha, you know what my grandma or mum would call polka dots? It's 'bola tiam(点)'! Ah well, so when I talk to them I have to say that too! So cute lar!
Okay, all these Polka Dotsia started probably about 2 or more years ago when I was still enjoying my time in Australia. Polka dots was HUGE over there back then. I got some polka dots tops and also a lovely green colour polka dots bag from my trip to Melbourne. Ah... I LOVE THAT BAG!!! The very nice polka dots top I bought from Perth that I've worn to two graduation ceremonies.
This one is definitely one of my favourite! It's polka-doted and it's GREEN! Yay! And this black with pink polka dots top is so niceeeeee~!
And then of course, when I got back to Malaysia in 2006, I think the polka dots trend had just landed... Needless to say, my polka dotsia just got serious... Including the freakin cute polka dots umbrella I bought from Perth from my trip in May(oh yea, that's the umbrella that I might kill you if you take it away from me, that is how much I sayang it, okay?), I've got basically quite many different fashion item in polka dots. That includes some polka dots undies which I'm not going to show you here. I've seen polka dots bras, just that I didn't buy them due to the design or some other reasons.
So... Presenting Shirlexia and her Polka Dotsia!!!
My already very old-looking green polka dot bag from Melbourne, Black and white polka dot bag from Sungai Wang and the belt was a birthday gift from Carmen! :)
Ducum was trying to make me look like the Statue of Liberty lar... Tak jadi lar... See, hand also wrong side!
I SOOOOO HEART THIS SHIRT!!! It's soooo cute with a yellow base and multi-colour polka-dots!
Ah... This one is a bit too funky for me, but I bought it anywayz, just wanted to try out new stuff!
And I swear I bought this dress before seeing this picture!!!
Apparently, me and my idol, Myolie Wu share the same taste hey!
Yeah! My lovely polka dots umbrella! And DON'T YOU DARE STEALING IT AWAY FROM ME!!!
P/S: Just got another bunch of clothes from Yue Bao's website. One of them is of course polka doted! Hey hey! Check it out!Okay, I know it looks a bit like sleeping gown...
And here are the other dresses I bought from Yue Bao.Very cute dress here! Cute!
I seriously LOVE this dress! Except for the fact that it's very the see-through lor...
Do check out Yue Bao's on-line shopping site at eFashion Lover. She has really cute stuff at very good price! :)
Oh, this one is not from Yue Bao, just a really cool shirt I bought for Ducum.
Of course, my advice is, even if you love the polka dots I own, you are NOT ENCOURAGED to buy any polka dots fashion items anymore. Why? Simply because it's out-of-date lar!
In stead, you should go for star shapes, heart shapes, or even small flower prints!
But honestly, I'm so still nursing the Polka Dotsia...

Note: Just in case you think I look completely different in some of the pictures, I DID NOT go for plastic surgery or anything like that! It's just that some of them were taken yearssss ago!


Lay JinG said...

Oh, i like bola tiam also!!! hehe... but i dare not wear lar! Seems bo ngam me =P

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

u are jz like my fren, she is a bola tiam hard core fans too..
recently the bola tiam bra stripes very hot ler, u can c it everywhere in sg wang

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey hey, I just added a latest bola tiam dress into my collection! :p

rainbow mushroom said...

love the pictures! ~~

H@naKo said...

hey~ did anyone address u as...xiu fong jie? xD

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks! :)

Ah Fa,
Yes, someone did said that...