Sunday, November 23, 2008

EURO Movies Day

Just a short one before I hit the bed...
I've been walking round and round GSC running in and out at the same theater 14 today. Haha, what to do? Film lover like me cannot resist the EUFF lar! And anywayz, watching 5 of the lots of movies on for the EUFF this year is not a lot, okay? I wish I can watch more!!!
Alright, I'm quite tired now, let's start!
Colorado Avenue (Finnish)
Erm... Honestly, it was a HUGE disappointment. The story is actually not very bad. Based in 1905 on, it's a story that basically brings out the love between a mother and son... It's just that it looks more like a drama series than a movie. It's too long and too dramatic, plus too slow. The way I look at it, it looks like a movie made ages ago. But I just found out it was a 2007 movie! But it looks so weird, seriously!
Of course, I also learned a lot form this movie, I mean, politically. My dad would be happy again! :D
One Day in Europe
I think this one is the best one amongst the three I watched today.
One Day in Europe is made up of 4 different stories in 4 different European cities on the same day, which is also the final of the Euro Cup. And luckily, it is not 4 stories with some people who met each other or know each other in some way! It's all totally different people in different cities. The only similar part is that all the people are tourists and they either got robed or pretend to be robed and have to deal with the local police. It's quite a fresh idea, or so I thought lar. It's pretty interesting lar I think. It's pretty funny, pretty sarcastic in a way, and very unique.
Bombay Calling (GSC decided it's Bombay Dreams in stead)(Swedish, English)
I actually had really high hopes on this one. I always love movies with a bit of Indian taste, just like Bend it Like Beckham!
But I don't know what is it trying to do? It looks like a very sophisticated movie where an adopted Indian girl tries to look for her biological mother in India. But then it's also like a teenager movie, sometime with some bloody cheesy English songs! Aaaarrrhhhhh... Spoiled the whole thing! I do like the fact that they have all the Bollywood singing and dancing imaginary scenes. They are really funny hey! But I think it's their budget that made the costume so... How to say? Erm... Ordinary?

And yea, movies today aren't that exciting... :(
Anywayz, plus the other two movies I watched the other day, I here by announce, the BEST EURO MOVIE I'VE WATCHED AT THE 9TH EUFF is...
Kicks from the Netherlands!
Okay, that's all for tonight guys, goodnight!


rainbow mushroom said...

i can't believe i actually fail to even watch one! where i used to watch five in a day!!! kill me~~~

ShiRLeXia said...

Although I don't understand how can you actually watch 5 movies in a day...
But yea...It was a waste you didn't get to see any! :p