Monday, November 17, 2008

We like to move it move it~~~

It was a 'move it, move it' Sunday as me and Ah Fa (and unexpectedly a guest star Yen Chuin) finally went for Madagascar 2. Of course, I also went for two other movies from the 9th European Union Film Festival. Phew~ It was such a while since I last watched 3 movies in a day! Although it was a bit exhausting, I feel really good!!! Planning another 3 more next Saturday to complete my EUFF 'adventure'. Yve Vonn, Ally, wanna join?
Alright, before I start craping about the movies I watched, here are pictures of Ah Fa, Yen Chuin and me having a mini old schoolmates rendezvous at one of my favourite restaurants, Yoshinoya. Yen Chuin is always the funniest girl in whatever class she was in back in school. Ah ah... If you think I am funny (who? who?), then honestly you haven't met her! Haha... Enjoyed the short brunch with her!Ah Fa's photo taking skills definitely needs improvement, agree?One with Ah Fa, the friend who now knows how to dump me on Saturday because of her bf... :p
We went to Jusco after that as Yen Chuin wanted to do some grocery shopping. And that was when we found these really cute Taiwanese snacks! Pay attention to the line at the bottom! (Sorry, strictly Chinese-ed people would understand that)“手下留情,捏卡小力点!”,超可爱的吧?
Cute? Aren't they? There are just so many good stuff in Taiwan! Can't wait for my Taiwan trip next year!!! Woo~hoo~!
Now, let's start the movies craping session!
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
I wasn't going for it so fast (didn't really want to squeeze into the cinema with some whole bunch of kids) until Ah Fa called and asked me if I want to join. So yea, I had to go freaking early, which was like 10am to buy the tickets! the scariest thing was, there was already a long long long queue when I arrived! Those people ah, really damn semangat one lor!
Alright, I've heard of everybody saying Madagascar 2 is sooooo blooooody fuuuuuuunny! The last one should be Yve Vonn, about 2 hours before I went for the movie. So maybe with all the comments, I went in with quite high hopes. Well, not to say I was disappointed, in fact I thought it was pretty good! But I mean, not as funny as I thought lar!
I think what I miss the most was the hilarious part like in the first one where they used some other movies' classic scenes in an animal animation. And also, the very fun songs! I reckon the songs for Madagascar 2 are simply too little. Still, I simply love all the voices of the cast! Especially Melman! David Schwimmer's voice just sounds so sad and funny! Gloria~~~~~!!!
Kicks (Dutch/Arabic/A bit of French too)
Nop, it's not a movie about football! Don't get too excited! Kicks is another movie on racism, and another movie which is made up by a few characters in different stories, where they would meet each other or probably know each other in some ways. It's like a Dutch version of Crash and Babel. Of course, I wouldn't say it's as good as Crash or Babel, but well, they are different.
To me, Kicks presented racism in a not-so-serious way. There are so many funny scenes in it and the director definitely tried to tackle it in a humorous way. I personally love the part with the characters, Kim and the Moroccan guy who wanted to go on Idols whom I've forgotten the name... Oh by the way, whoever went for this movie, please explain to me what was the director in the movie trying to do with the two black women and the dogs? I'm serious, I'm not trying to lie or pretend to be naive, I am so seriously curious about that!
Of course, for someone like me who have zero idea on most of the histories stuff and knowledge on current affairs, I learn a lot from the movie. My dad would be happy with this! Haha...
Sometimes, it's just sad that when we have so much to talk about racism in Malaysia or the country around us, but we cannot really make a good movie out of it, just like how Kicks did. Sad...
If I'm not mistaken, I've just watched Paris Je T'aime last year or earlier this year. Paris is actually quite the same as Paris Je T'aime. Still, stories of different characters who might know each other or meet each other... Ohyea, you know how sick I felt watching two same kinda story-arrangement movies in a day? So sick of it now! I used to think if I were to make a movie myself, that is going to be the way, but now, it's way to boring, everybody does that! Aih...
Anywayz, of course this one is not about racism, Paris is of course all about love! Except for the slow tempo, I actually think it is not a bad movie to watch. What I like about the movie is also how it shows how beautiful Paris is. And also how different type of actors and actresses get a place in the movie, no matter how old they are! I personally love the guy playing as the professor in the movie. He is old, but he is darn good in playing the character on how he fell in love with his own very pretty student like a sex maniac and how he dances to win her heart... He was bloody good!
Still, the scenes I love the most are the ones at this... You call it factory or what? The place where they get the fruits, veges and meat from. Those people kissing and getting horny in between big pieces of meat is just so NEW to me! Love it! And I can never forget the scene where Pierre (they main guy, who looks a bit like Justin Timberlake when he doesn't smile, except that Justin doesn't 'bo sho, bo sho, she...") and his sister's colleague were starting to have sex when the girl said with a serious face :"I've got something important to tell you." And Pierre of course asked what is it. And she actually said :"I haven't waxed!" Hahahahaha... I was laughing so so hard in the cinema! Aaaahhh.. But I'm curious... Do real Parisians simply just kiss people and make love with some strangers? Sorry, just very curious...
And to you guys out there who are interested to watch some real good European movies, you have still one more week to go for them! Click here for the website or go to the GSC website!
Attention to GSC:
I'm very pissed off with the fact that you guys delayed Paris! It was supposed to be at 5pm and by 4.50pm the movie before that hasn't finish. Okay, then it finished. We waited in the cinema for probably about 15 minutes for something to come up on the screen, yet there were so fucking many ads and previews! So annoying it took us so long, until 5.32pm to get to see the movie! I saw the people, especially the Mat Sallehs getting really annoyed you know! Be punctual, please!
P/S: I Love You
Okay, I'm out-dated on this one. It's last year's movie, but I just bought the DVD and watched it few days ago. Still, it's worth recommending. So yea...
Why it is so good? It is so romantic!!! And it is not chessy!!! And it is so touching!!! Oh my god, no thanks to all the stupid Taiwanese dramas, I can't even remember when was the last time I cried so badly at a romantic love movie! The story is such brilliant one!
Plus, you got Hillary Swank! And Gerard Butler is quite hot you know! Plus, my very favourite, Lisa Kudrow! Her character, Denise is such a fun character! I love her!!! She is so cool! Especially with her theory on men! So damn cool! Of course, only Lisa Kudrow can carry that character so nicely! Because she is Lisa Kudrow!!!
I just bought the book yesterday (ah, yeah yeah, I'm so out-dated) and I'm ready to enjoy the better love story through the book! :)
This week, a new Malay movie starring two of my favourite Malay stars Sharifah Amani and Que Haidar, Selamat Pagi Cinta will be on. Will be hoping to catch that although the title of the movie really doesn't sound so good. Also, on December 4th, Kinta 1881 will finally make it to the cinema after such a long long wait! Said to be Malaysia's first fully Kung Fu (ah, ah, no computer effects or whatsoever) movie, staring some of Malaysia's former national Wushu exponents, it's a movie I really want to watch. Okay, I don't have high hopes, I especially think the trailer is a bit boring. But as a fan of our former world champion Ho Ro Bin (he is now called Robin Ho! Like Robin Hood! Nah... Not funny...), I will definitely give some support to the movie!


H@naKo said...

sigh....cant u juz intro me as "JC, the lovely gal that alwayz accompany-cum-entertain me on sundays" ??? =.=

rainbow mushroom said...

hey gal, i so want to watch p/s.i love you bcoz of hilary swank!!!! btw, im on with d movie trip u suggested... go on arranging if ally said yes! :)

ShiRLeXia said...

Ah Fa,
I still like the way I intro you! Hahahaha...:p

I will get you the DVD and book if you meet up this Saturday, will ask Ally about it!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

yerrr....nv ask me out geh
*squad in the corner and draw circle on the floor*
haha...anyway the movie is funny and hilarious rite. but i stil prefer the 1st series ^-^

ShiRLeXia said...

Oops XT, sorry lar, didn't thought of you! But it looks like you've watched the show anywayz!
And yes, I do think the first one is better!
Ohyea... You were working at some exhibition on the weekend anywayz, right? :p