Friday, November 14, 2008

I Rene's 21st@Home('Home' is not a restaurant)

It was my roommate a.k.a Ducum's friend, I Rene's 21st birthday. Well, her best mates wanted to give her a surprise birthday party. So they spent the entire day preparing the steamboat party at our house... When we actually have probably 6 or more steamboat buffet restaurants opposite our house... ==|||
Okay lar... That was why I refused to help them prepare. Yea, I'm that mean, you know me! Aaaahhh... Wait, I did help! I bought the ice! Very the old-school punya party decorations.
The steamboat! Steamboat! Thanks to Ducum and Nicole lar har....
It was a real fun birthday party I guess, with the five old good friends, two even younger kids, and me, the eldest one. These kids, especially the only guy, namely Foo Chuan Yee are really funny... Although not the same year as them (yes, Chuan Yee, I'm older), I enjoyed the party so much. I guess everybody was laughing so much instead of eating! Aaaahhh... Believe me, you don't want to know what Chuan Yee said, which made me so mad, and made everybody laughed so hard... I wasn't going to tell, but okay...
So Ducum and Nicole were making cincau and were cooking syrup when Chuan Yee asked them why didn't they just buy soya bean milk to mix with it? And they were like:"Oh ya hor... Too bad, now too late." And then there goes Chuan Yee with his not-so-funny joke...
And then Nicole was like:“不要问我们,我们肯定没有。”
And Chuan Yee went:“丽斌不是有啰,上了年纪的女人啊!”
Aaaaaaarrrrhhhhhh~~~~~FOO CHUAN YEE!!!
First of all, three years older than you is NOT OLD!!! And what kinda theory is that? I think it's the opposite of what you said lor! You better watch out, you kid!
And... And... You look older than your age, and you are FAT!!! Aaaarrrhhhhh....
Anywayz, here are some of the crazy photos taken with all the kids...Me & the birthday girl and the birthday cake!
I think this picture taken by the photographer namely Shirlexia Tan, looks really nice! Oh, look at Abby! Hahaha...

P/S: Sorry girls (especially Abby), I didn't want to spend time editing the pictures and Ducum didn't do that for me either... So yea, sorry for showing off all the real side of you girls! :p

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Anonymous said...

arigato gozaimasu!!!
hehe...the damn old sch party was really fun!!! its full of our laugh~
erm..thank for u guys again to giv me a memorable 21st birthday!!!
and thanks for the present too!!! dearest roomate!!
giv u kiss here...
muacks :*