Friday, January 2, 2009

Food, Food, Food...

I was going to divide these two different stuff in two post. But I figure many of you may say I always update my blog lar, blah blah blah... Anywayz, they are all food, so why not just put them all together in one post?
First of all, it's a review of Wong Kok Char Can Teng(旺角茶餐厅). I have never been to Wong Kok char Can Teng before, until last Saturday when I attended Leslie's fans gathering held at Wong Kok located in Leisure Mall. And believe me or not, I went back to Wong Kok (in Sunway Pyramid, of course) another two times, which means I had meals at Wong Kok three times in a week!
Well, not to say their food are fabulous, I was just getting a little excited about another Hong Kong-style Char Can Teng after being such a loyal fan to Kim Gary.
Starter: Shirlexia in her new hair-style, posing with Ducum's watch she bought for her. Appetiser: Fattening prawn crakers, bought from KK mini market! Oooooppsss...
Honestly speaking, their menu aren't as exciting as Kim Gary, choices are limited, but I personally think their drinks look a lot more interesting. I tried their special drinks and they are all pretty cool!
Sorry I can't remember the name, but it's made of dragon fruit lor... But the dragon fruit that day wasn't sweet enough... :(Sok Ying was very satisfy with her drink, namely Gentlemen(四君子)!Ducum enjoying her Ice-Blended Mango drink.The Ice-blended red-bean with Sago was also not too bad! :)
Food wise, Ducum and I decided Kim Gary has better Baked Rice with Cheese. Why? Well, because Wong Kok is a bit too stingy with their sauces, so the rice became a bit too dry, although they offer more choices in their sauces. Plus, theirs are definitely more expensive than Kim Gary's. I definitely love their Tin Jun Omelet Ramen that I had at Leisure Mall! The gravy is pretty special and its yummy! Another recommendation from us all would be their deep fried abalone mushroom. Now, I know you get that anywhere, but theirs are with some kinda curry powder, so it tastes a bit spicy, and the fried vege at the side are really a bom! We all love it!
Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom is good, unless if the mushrooms aren't fresh.The Fresh Oyster Glass Noodle Soup was so-so, but the glass noodle are of really good quality. Ducum's favourite, Baked Rice with Cheese in beef.Glass Noodles with pork and bean sauce was not so good.I Rene's Sizzling Western Food Set with lamb! I don't know, but it looks really good to me! The Tin Jun Omelet Ramen is my favourite of all food I've tried there!
The conclusion is...
I STILL love Bosco Wong more than Kwok Chun Onn!!!
You get what I mean, I guess?
Next up, I shall name it...
What did I do with the leftover sweet corn from the Christmas BBQ party?
I love the corny, it makes me horny... (Ok, that was a joke!)
Yea, so people were either too full or lazy to eat the sweet corn I bought for the BBQ party! Bloody hell, I spent about 20 bucks buying all those sweet corn! Ah well, I think nobody appreciate sweet corn as much as I do! I love sweet corn! Sweet corn and mushroom are like my top favourite food of all! So I took all the leftover home and made full use of them.
First of all, I put the corn into my favourite Assam Laksa flavour Cintan noodles and I can tell you it tastes SO BLOODY YUMMY!!!
Oh~Look! The corn look so sweet!
And then, I brewed soup with the corn! I put Pai Kuat(pork ribs), carrot and straw mushroom to make it a tasty yet healthy soup!
So mummy doesn't need to worry that I can't have any healthy soup here in KL! :)
Some of you may know, I love porridge! Haha, 'Teow Chew Lang' mah, of course lar!
And I also love cooking porridge. I basically cook porridge at least twice in a month now. I used to cook porridge more than twice a week in Perth!
So corn and porridge of course made another good combination! I added also tuna in oil, carrot cubes, tomatoes and button mushroom...
Needless to say, I LOVE IT!!!
Okay, let me explain... I was using the healthy five-colour rice my mum got for me, so that is why the porridge look so dark in colour.
And I must say, the last dish is my favourite of all!!!
Yve Vonn's mum gave me the idea when I was at her house last weekend. She was having a vegetarian day and she was making corn with whole lot of vegetables and mushrooms, plus some vegetarian chicken. She said she would put all of them into the pot and brew them for 15 minutes and that's it!
So simple lar! I also want to try!
But I'm not so into vegetarian chicken lar. I made it even easier, I went and buy a canned stewed pork(gosh, that fattening yet yummy thing is always my favourite thing to put into fried Meehoon my mum made, cannot ressist that!), then dumped in some kailan, cabbage, carrot, tomatoes, button mushroom, golden needle mushroom (Jin Zhen Gu) and brewed them for the complete meal!
It's a bit like the cai buey(菜脚)we get at home, only this is bit more cleaner and healthier! You don't even need to add salt or anything to taste, you get all the taste from the canned pork! And it is absolutely yummy till death! Okay, that's too much a praise for something I cooked for myself.
It's just SO DAMN GOOD!
Creativity is the thing here you see!
Shit, now I'm getting hungry and it's freaking 1.31am!!!


Lay JinG said...

Oh, its 3am... and i am hungry after read ur blog!!! haha... i also like bosco wong more than....

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

me either, prefer bosco.
and ur blog make me drooling and getting more hungry and shit it's 4am =='''

H@naKo said...

wanna come my house and cook?

ShiRLeXia said...

Lay Jing & XT,
Looks like we all have the same taste, isn't it???

Ah Fa,
Yea, you come pick me up, I will go! :p