Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I bloody want to watch Slumdog Millionaire!!!

Not that I want to update my blog so often, it's just that I'm a bit bored now, and well I have some movie reviews to share with... Although... I found movie reviews are always those posts that don't really attract any comments... :(
I've watched these movies probably last week or earlier, so I'm still trying to refresh everything...

They Wait
For once, I'm interested with a horror (as in ghost movie) movie Hollywood made. Of course, it was because it's basically a ghost movie based on the Chinese beliefs.
I must say, the effects and all isn't that fantastic, not really that kinda 'ghost' that will freak you out, it just freak you out for that one second when they suddenly appear. Best of all, I love the storyline where the 'ghost' came from ages ago! You can see the old fashion machines, clothes, etc.
Let's say this, I like the movie! It is not that scary actually, but it's a pretty smart and good ghost story. I always like ghost story with a good ending, as in there is a good reason why the ghost came to find the main character. And that is what They Wait has! And I love that little boy! His name is Terry Chen! He is quite cute and well, feels a bit like Haley Joel Osmen you know! And you will have to watch it if you like Zheng Pei Pei.
Congratulations to the director. At last there is one Hollywood horror movie I like.

Bonus here is I've also watch an old movie Little Miss Sunshine (I think that was last year) on DVD, it's really cool and cute! And also Juno, which is also a movie released last year but is only in our cinema here now. It's also a bloody cool and funny movie to watch! Just that well, I bet most parts of it might be censored lor...
The 'IT' movie at the moment would definitely be Slumdog Millionaire!!! I've wanted to watch this movie after reading about it in a magazine last week. And then it became the big winner and the Best Film award winner at the recent Golden Globe! Wow!
I mean, I always admire smart people who can make a movie out of one simple person, one location or just something that happens in a day time! Slumdog Millionaire sounds bloody smart man! And I just know I'm going to love the movie because it is shot in the colourful India, and oh man, the music would be fun too!

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