Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Movies

Apparently, nobody is interested in taking part in the contest I did in my last movie review post... Either nobody is interested with my treat, or nobody actually knows who my favourite Hollywood actors are! Sad...
Anywayz, here are the two movies I watched on the 30th and 31st of Dec, last year!
叶问 Ip Man
我很爱甄子丹,很多人都知道,他真的是标准的sexy old man!不过叶问这部电影我起初真的一点兴趣也没有,因为感觉很“历史”,会恨闷。结果就很多人都老跟我说超好看的,就赶快趁它还没下画前去看了。

You all know why I wanted to watch this movie so much. I missed every bit of Australia!!! It's like my second home!!! And I also love Nicole Kidman!
Unfortunately, I have to say Australia let me down... Not completely, but yea, disappointed.
Before watching it, I always thought it is a love story, and I was secretly worry about that because I'm not a big fan of love story. But then it turned out, the romance part isn't that much. It's a bit of history, and a bit of romance, which didn't really work so well because the focus is lost!
Honestly, with the title of the movie called 'Australia', why don't you just do a freaking good movie about Australia? Just as simple as that! Because I think I really love the part about the aboriginal people, its the best part of the whole movie! I cried when the Nuallah had to go do his 'walk-about'! If you haven't know more about the Australian aboriginal's people's suffers, I reckon you haven't watch Rabbit-Proof Fence. Trust me, you will love that movie!
Okay, Australia isn't all that bad. I think the story is okay, with the sometimes very 'kan cheong' parts, but it's definitely too long it became a bit boring. And you will love the lovely scenery of Darwin!!! So breath-taking!!!