Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food again, guys!!!

Yesterday I went for an unexpected special lunch meal. So it was unexpected that I didn't bring camera along(okay, come on, you wouldn't bring camera to work for no reason, right?) so the quality of the pictures taken with my mobile phone aren't that good lar, and unexpectedly, the meal was SO DAMN GOOD I have to tell you guys about it!!!
So the restaurant is called Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant (very the not creative, I know), located at SS15. Apparently, they have been there for about 10 years! Ho Chak has also introduced the restaurant before! Shit, how come I didn't notice such a good restaurant???
Anywayz, Curry Fish Head is of course their main dish. We ordered a small one, which is only RM28. Although I'm not so much of a fish head lover, I found the curry fish head really good! Well, I guess one of the reason being, they DON'T put coconut milk it it! Aaaarrrrhhh... Just nice for me! :)See... Without the coconut milk, the curry looks so much more prettier!
And we also ordered the Gei Zi Dong Guai Chicken. That's my favourite dish of the day ok! The taste of the Dong Guai is heavy but it's not bitter! Best of all, I cannot find any piece of chicken breast in it! Trust me, IT'S SO FREAKING GOOD I COULD CRY!!!Slluurrrrrppppp... I can still smell the chicken and the Dong Guai in my mouth!!!
And then it's the Kam Sa Sotong. They deep fried the sotong, and then fried it with butter and some curry leaves and some 'stuff' that I don't know. It taste great too, but I guess, strictly for those who aren't avoiding fat and high cholestral food.The Kam Sa Sotong is really good man!
And then we ordered the Sei Tai Tin Wong as our vege dish. A bit different compared to the Sei Tai Tin Wong my Ah Ma made. They use petai instead. And it's a dry dish while my Ah Ma's with lots of gravy! Hehehe... I think my Ah Ma's better! What say you???Sei Tai Tin Wong, the dry version.
Sei Tai Tin Wong, the wet version(Ah Ma's version)... Ah, everything that are wet are better! Hey, that sounds a bit strange... Hehehe...
Well, 4 of us were ladies, so that was all we ordered. There are still many dishes that I want to try over there. I heard the Kam Hiong La-La is good! I can't wait to go back one day to try other dishes as well!!! If you are interested, visit their blogspot site!
Ohyea, they are halal you know. I mean, they serve Halal food lar...
Damn, Yve Vonn, your friend's restaurant, which is one block away has competitor ler! You know I'm also not so much a meat lover...
One bonus here is what I found at Sushi Zanmai the other day. I just came out of gym and Ducum and I Rene asked me to join them for dinner. I was like... Okay, but I only want light meal, otherwise my gym session would be wasted. And then At Zanmai, I ordered this Sashimi Salad and fell totally in love with it! Well, erm... It's sashimi lar, you can't say it taste too bad. It's raw, all you can say is whether it's fresh or not lar! The point was, it was such a big portion, with a mixture of salmon, tuna and calamari (or sotong if you like it) with lettuce and tomatoes. The sashimi are cut into cubes, thick cubes! And and and... The Zanmai Special Dressing is just awesome! Okay, skip the avocado okay? I asked to add them in and they cost me 3 bucks!
At RM12.80, it is worth every cent of it! It's filling, but not too much. It's healthy and it's just a light meal I would like to have after gym or... When I feel I've grown fat! Hehehehe....
I also finally pulled out this high cut skirt I bought from Perth back in May from my closet. Yes, that was the first time I was wearing it. I love that skirt! It made me look so slim lar!!! Mengapa? Tak percaya kah??? Tengok gambar dulu baru cakap lar...I know! Right? I look so slim in that skirt! I know! :p
And and... I surprisingly found the christmas tree in Sunway Hotel really pretty! I know, X'mas is over, but hey they left the tree there! It's only decorated with red coloured ribbons and jingle bells! Simple, but it look really nice! So I took picture and share with you guys lar!
Hey, Shirlexia is sooooooooooooo generous lar!Ah~Now I got it, it's red! It's for the CNY too!!!
I am just sooooo random! Food, food, then suddenly fashion and Christmas tree!!! ==|||


diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

wow....the kam hiong sotong look nice *drooling*
ya...u r rite. u look slim in da black skirt =D

ShiRLeXia said...

Whenever u come to this area tell me ba,we go eat there!
Yea ler?
But by the way, the skirt is grey in colour...