Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shirlexia 祝大家新年快乐!!!
Shirlexia wishes everyone out there a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

P/S:I'm seriously not a fan of forwarding whole lots of Chinese New Year SMS wishes to friends. Neither am I someone who would always reply to your forward messages. It's like you send me a long SMS with those wishes and me sending you "Thanks, & Happy CNY 2 u 2!" That's really boring. I'm also not someone who would go around all my friends in Facebook and write on your wall saying Happy Chinese New Year! But yea, you know I still have the heart to wish you guys out there a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! :) Oh, you can leave comment here, I will reply! :p

P/S 2: I'm already in Taiping. Feeling very bored at home, so if you fancy a catch up or yum cha session, call me up, okay?

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