Friday, January 16, 2009

The Niu Ze Xui Adventure

Plenty of nice photos ahead... Yay! Yay! Yay!
Ducum went to Niu Ze Xui (Nah, not the one in Singapore, this is the one at Kelana Jaya) last week with her friends and found a really fancy and cute looking cafe there. I couldn't stand not going to have a look! So on Wednesday(where there are no interesting movies to watch on the Super Wednesday WTF) me and Ducum went there after work.
As we reached Kelana Jaya by bus, I knew it was a big mistake to come without a car. Taxis are limited, and there are some Malaysians with bloody true Malaysians attitude would take over your place and stop the taxi first even if they came later than you, and then the taxi drivers refused to take us there as well...The auntie who 'stole' the taxi from us! Grrrrrhhhh...
We wait... And wait and wait... (This was when Ducum started her camwhoring session...)Like my new shoes??? I got them from DressUp Girls, my latest favourite boutique.
Whatever lar, too many pictures I lazy to put caption liao.
Finally we gave up, walked to the other side to get a taxi at the LRT station, and we had to squeeze in the taxi with two other bloody scary looking Indon guys, WTF?

So anywayz, we reached there safely lar, although it was already bloody 8pm! The hungry sisters then run for the dinner! The cafe is named Full House Lifestyle and Cafe. With a white base, the cafe is full of fancy and cute deco items, including a mini cooper at the entrance. It's actually with a Korean theme. You will be greeted with Korean language, they sell Korean casual wears and sunnies at the second floor, although... THEY DO NOT SELL KOREAN FOOD.Full House... Make you think of Rain???
Very the cute punya mini cooper!
Bla Bla White sheep have you any wool???
Inside Full House. Nice ler??? Ohya, the last table is just a deco, we did not have such table for dinner.Bed not for us to sleep too... So sad...:(The fashion department...
Harrlooo??? Can you bloody hear me???Shirlexia posing~posing~posing~!
Even the menu is sooooooo bloody hell CUTE!!!
For dinner, these are what we ordered...Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended for Ducum. Shirlexia still has her cough so she only had a few sips. :p We both agreed it's bloody nice because the taste is really thick! And the price! Wow! Really would prefer this than other expensive cafes! :)Clam Chowder as starter, although it came later than our main dish... It's a bit too creamy for me, but Ducum loves it. So yea, make your own choice lar, huh.I ordered the Wok Sear Chicken Chop, whatever the Wok Sear means... It's actually this chicken chop with some special gravy. I don't like the sauce very much, not especially they put raisins in it(Euw~). But the chicken itself was awesome! I don't know why, probably because the chicken was fresh, or the stuff they use to marinate the chicken was really yummy. I really love the chicken! It is served with mash potato and Pak Choy.Ducum had this Pan Sear Dory Fish, haha, all very the fancy names lar... Also served with mash potato and Pak Choy. Ducum said the gravy wasn't nice, the fish was too cold, and they were a bit stingy with the gravy too.
So, the chicken wins!And for dessert, we had this tiny little piece of Tiramisu. Although, we think the cake may not be that fresh, the taste was quite good hey! But I gotta say, the price is a bit too much lor...OMG! I can be such a good commercial actress lar!!!Okay, okay, Ducum comes in second...
Well, I guess we will have to say the food is not all that fantastic lar. But the price is quite reasonable. I would say it is rather a perfect place to hang out with friends and family than a place for good food.Will definitely come back one day!
Then we take a stroll down Niu Ze Xui, and completely fell in love with it!!!
Like Ducum's friend said it, it's a high-class version pasar malam. There are many proper looking stalls, with cleaner and cooler environment. Most of the stalls are under the same boss I guess, so some of the cute stuffs they sell repeated as you walk on. Those stuff are sooooooo CUTE AND CHEAP!!! Shirlexia molesting the Spiderman! Too bad it's not Tobey Maguire! :p
Needless to say, we spent some money there lor... But no regrets, they are so worth it!!!

So although we were so bloody tired after the trip(and we were also very lucky to get a cab from Niu Ze Xui, thank god, Amen, O mi tuo fo~So, okay my advice is go there only if you have a car!!!), we spent time taking pictures with the stuff we bought just for you guys!!! Hahaha...Seriously cute key chains of egg tart, chicken wing and siew yok at RM4 each, necklace at RM10 and plastic daisy flower at RM3.50! Good deals aren't they?
Yellow necklace RM10, and also Ducum's favourite black rose(plastic one lar) at RM3.50. And... Nice picture, priceless! :p
Ducum's necklace also at RM10, nice picture and good photographer, Shirlexia! Kakakaka...
I'm sure you will scream seeing these cute socks with a '3D' mushroom on them, just like I did!
Nice ler??????

P/S: It is not always you get Ducum to be in such a camwhoring mood when she is with me, and not always so semangat to edit photos for me too! So for once, clap! Clap! Clap! :p


Lay JinG said...

Oh, nice place... yummy food... pretty ladies & clothes! haha~ thanks for sharing! Guess i will go if i visit KL then!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks Lay Jing! Aiya... Like that I very Pai Seh one...
Well hope to see u soon in KL! :)

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

waaaa....nice picture and nice post.
make me wana go 2visit it asap =D

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea... Spent so much time waiting for my sister to edit them!!!
Everyone must visit Full House!!!

chickenbananax said...

LOL you are a joker man!
was laughing all the way while reading your post ROFL!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha, Bian Bian!
Glad u enjoy my blog! Come here more often okay?