Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar... The verdict

I know I'm outdated.
But... Actually it was a little bit on purpose. I'm not really a fan of this kinda movie, very science-fi story. And after seeing the trailer for N times, and even now that I've watched the movie, I still think the Navi characters that they created looks so scary. No wonder Sin Fei thought it's a ghost-horror movie! But yea since everybody is saying, and still saying it's so freaking good, I went for it.
So here comes the verdict.
Honestly, I like the story and the message a lot. I'm quite a 'go-green' earth lover and I really love the way James Cameron used such a unique story to remind people about it. Like my dear said, he must has such good brain to think of such amazing story. I also like the very beautiful graphic in the movie, especially with the plants, as well as the music.
But still, I think the characters are a bit too ugly and scary like you're looking at some ghosts or something. My dear suggested that the action part wasn't good enough. And I also think it's a bit too long and draggy.
To sum it up, both of us think it's worth a watch, it's just not as fantastic as what you guys have been saying. We won't really go crazy and say we are going to watch it the second time lor...

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