Monday, January 25, 2010

Shirlexia's Special Chicken & Long Beans Rice

I've been cooking for the past two weekends since my dear and I are both sick of thinking of what or where to go for makan. Plus, it's always healthier to eat at home, since he still has his Cholesterol problem... (keep reminding... :p)
Because he always come home feeling cold after hours in the pool, I always make soup and a simple dish to go with rice. But last Saturday I made something different, a bit like my Ah Ma's cooking, but with my own recipe and way of cooking, present to you... Shirlexia's Special Chicken & Long Beans Rice. Chan si nai? gam yat gam sexy ar???

Ingredients: I just picked what I like to eat apart from the main thing- rice, chicken and long beans. The chicken (cut into pieces)should be marinated with some soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil. Put some corn flour to make the meat tender. The other stuff includes: Lap Cheong (Chinese sausages, and I love them!) and mushroom, and of course some chopped garlic and pieces of ginger.
Of course you need oil and chicken stock to taste. I also put some Chinese cooking wine in it. We both LOVE the wine!

1. With a wok, simmer the garlic and ginger.
2. After that add in chicken, and then followed by the other stuff, fry them for a while.
3. Add in cleaned rice, continue frying.
4. Add in chicken stock and white wine. Just fry them a little bit more.This is how it looks like after the 'frying session'...
5. After that, transfer them over to your rice cooker's pot. Add water slightly more than the content (as in the rice plus all the other stuff).
6. Turn on the 'cook' button and wait till your rice is cooked!

Again, I used the five coloured healthy rice so it looks a bit dark in colour. Anywayz, ta da... My lovely Chicken & Long Beans Rice! :D
Although I think it wasn't a perfectly successful try(the rice wasn't soft enough), still I think it was yummy enough for a first-timer in cooking this particular dish lar! :p
Try this at home too! :)


Hayley said...

Nice try!! i love lap cheong also.. hehe..

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea I always go back to Taiping to sapu all the Lap Cheong from my mum's fridge. :p