Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jan Yi's B'day Treat @ Seo Gong, SS2

Ducum and I missed Jan Yi's(our cousin sis) birthday party at her house last Saturday, I've promised to make it up for her with a treat. And poor Jan Yi, who is a fan of Korean actors, knows how to sing Korean songs (what's that band's name again? I really cannot remember, so many numbers...), but never tried Korean food before. So here we went, to Seo Gong, recommended by I Rene.It's this restaurant located opposite A&W in SS2.
A family photo with the timer on...
They have quite some pages of choices in the menu and some set meals as well. I somehow missed the beef part and ordered the pork set meal for three person which comes with whole loads of stuff, like the hot stone rice, the BBQ pork, Spicy Octopus, Sam Gye Tang, steamed egg, the side dishes and drinks for three persons. The set meal itself is RM145. I topped that up with a Kimchi Jjigae and two bowls of white rice. The side dishes... Not very interesting though. :(
The very-the-fatty punya pork...
The Spicy Octopus was impressing!!!
The Hot Stone Rice was so-so lar.
Some veges and mushrooms wrapped in pieces of pork.
Not too bad actually... It's just that I think it would be better if they were beef.
The steamed egg, which comes with the set meal.
The Sam Gye Tang... I wonder when can I have the real Sam Gye Tang in Korea? I think it must be bloody good to have this during a cold weather!
The Kimchi Jjigae was one of my favourite dishes of the day!
I must say, I think the pork are good, but I think it would be better if I've chosen the beef one. Ish, don't know why I didn't pay attention on the menu!!! I love the Spicy Octopus and the Kimchi Jjigae a lot, they are both just spicy enough for those who love spicy food like me, Ducum and Jan Yi (unfortunately not my dear, hehe...). The Sam Gye Tang was good, but I reckon not as good as the one I had at Seoul Korean Restaurnt in Taman Desa. So are the side dishes, they are not as many and not as interesting.
By the way, the biggest shock of the day is... The bloody rice is RM5.00 per bowl!!! I was like... What the??? Bloody expensive man... ==|||

Anywayz, I know there are now too many pictures of food, so here are some pictures of human being... Kekekeke...Ducum and Jan Yi having some fun and my dear acted as the photographer...
A nice pic of the birthday girl, Jan Yi!
Pretty cool pic of Shirlexia and... Haha, you know who...
Eh, eh, dear, what's that face for, huh???

Till then, Gam Sa Hap Ni Da~! :D


Bunny said...

Hhehehe~ ppl eat the ginseng chicken during hot days leh :P i wish i'm there to it, it looks gooooood! *droool*

ShiRLeXia said...

Wow~Long time no see!
Really? I didn't know that they eat that during hot weather...
I'm sure you have that in Singapore lar!

Bunny said...

AHAHAH! YES! long time no see :D!

Yes, cause Koreans believed that Heaty food during hot weathers and cold food for cold weathers :D it's like 以毒攻毒~ XB! Yes, but it's pretty hard to find nice Korean restaurant here :P

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh~ Wow, you definitely know a lot! LOL!
If got any chance you come over to KL, I'll take to a Korean restaurant! :)