Monday, January 11, 2010

Brunch @ K3K Benta Kaya, Subang SS15

It was a Sunday morning where I had not enough of sleep *yawn~* because of the boy next door, Ken... Yes, aunty (Ken's mum), an nyeong ha se yeo~! If you're reading, your son just came home drunk last Sunday morning at about 2 something and vomited in the toilet and woke me up while my sister, Ducum had to clean the toilet for him... ==|||
Anywayz, I'd promised my dear that I would join him and his church friends to have brunch after their church session. Yea, after going out with him, I got to know some of his church friends as well...
Ivy and Ket Weng, hi~! :p
So we went to K3k Benta Kaya which I've been there once before and found it pretty good. In fact, I didn't know what are the food that are actually famous in Kuala Lipis, Pahang! From the outside, K3K is a bit like some overly commercialised kopitiam, but the food they serve are definitely different. I must say, in a way, very homey.Taken by Ket Weng I think... I was still very sleepy... *Yawn~*
Unlike Ket Hon, who was already so up and excited about the brunch! LOL! By the way, I think the aunty at the back is quite 'qiong geng'!
I've tried the milky noodles before and I thought it's great, despite the fact that it doesn't come with vege(you know I'm very fussy about that). The Penghulu Fried Chicken Rice is very yummy too. Ivy's Nasi Lemak with Rendang is definitely very tempting as well, especially the rendang! I tried the Fish Head Mihoon that day, and I think it's not too bad, especially when it comes with pieces of yam in it! Not that I'm a fan of yam(I'm soooo not), but it feels like it uses the very ori recipe lor. But the fish are just fish fillet in stead of fish head lar. Look at the rendang! Doesn't it look so seducing?
The yummy milky noodles...
The Penghulu Fried Chicken Rice... Very good if you're not on a diet plan! Haha...
Love the fact that the fish balls are homemade, the mihoon are the thick ones and the fact that they give a generous amount of sesame oil!
They also have this special Topee, which looks a bit like a mini pizza. I've tried both the Tomato and the Kaya Butter one. I think the sweet one is better because of the yummy homemade Kaya.The Western Kinda Topee, which is called the Tomato Topee.
Oh~ You must try this Kaya Topee~!
The price is also reasonable, with each main dish costing less than 10bucks. Not too bad for the nice food you know.

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