Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Taiping...

I was pretty occupied during my last trip home to Taiping. One of the reasons being my cousin sisters are back too and I love hanging out with them a lot, especially when that was a farewell trip for Sin Fei, who is leaving for Perth soon (gosh, I'm jealous!). The other reason being dear is home too, so although he had to spend most of his time with his family, we still managed to meet up for a few days lar. And of course, it was also fun catching up with XT and KK! Can't wait for our annual gathering in CNY!!!
Anywayz, I didn't eat too much this trip, I also don't know why ler. Maybe I'm already aware that I have to stop eating so much or the eating mood was just off. I had pictures of two meals I had in Taiping and here they are...

The Home Alone Fried Noodles
The day after I reached Taiping, mum and dad came to KL to pick up the car that my mum won through a lottery(I'm not kidding you, I'M SO FREAKIN' SERIOUS!).
So Vivian and I were left home alone. And because I'm still very useless I can't drive, we had to settle our lunch at home. I basically just grab anything I could get from my mum's fridge and fried the noodles good enough for both of us to have a nutritious and yummy lunch!The stuff I used for my yummilicious noodles~!
Vivian was the assistant chef, helping me to boil the noodles, bring stuff to me, and finally clean the dishes!
I put in some salt, sesame oil and pepper to taste, and ta da... Very colourful somemore~!
Thumbs-up even before trying the noodles... :p

The Farewell Dinner
It was supposed to be a treat by Sin Fei who is flying off to Perth with her fiancee soon. In stead of some restaurants in Taiping, we had our farewell dinner at Da Gu(my aunt, dad's sis)'s house. You know lar, she always love cooking.Introducing, chef of the day...
This time, we've decided that the kids should sit here at the main table since we are no longer kids! :p
Special order from outside, BBQ duck! Yum~!
The Assam Prawn I think... Only had one, I'm always lazy to eat prawn with shell on it.
Soup of the day... White carrot soup. My aunt's version was without any pepper though.
Spicy and sour Chicken, with pineapple.
Very cheap and simple dish... But definitely one of my favourite dishes cos I love tauge!
The healthy dish... Capsicum with snow fungus and some yong tau fu. Not too bad!
The sinful dish... Dark soya sauce pork~! This is sooooo good~!
To me, this is the main dish... Very yummy curry fish!!!
This is better than any other random restaurant!!!
That's about the most sumptuous meal I had this trip. Need to hit the gym very soon to wash off the fatssssssssssssssssssssss...

Bonus Pic 1:The night we had our pillow talk till about 2am... Lotsa crap on boys, relationships, and our funny parents! LOL!

Bonus Pic 2:Taiping is becoming very interesting nowadays... But the name of the pub(yea, although they like to call themselves 'cafe') couldn't be any worst than this one I think...==|||


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