Friday, January 15, 2010

Night out at Bangsar... Where else can we go???

So it was another Pak Tor session and we had another minor headache thinking of where to go. This time around, my dear thought of Bangsar, a place we haven't been to since we started our relationship less than 3 months ago. I was thrilled with the idea because then I can go do some shopping at Telawi! Yeah~~~!!!So first thing first we had dinner at this very old-school-looking Kopitiam called Nam Chun, which I believe I've been there before with Uncle Yip. Apperantly there were quite a lot of poeple dining over there, and most of them were having those dishes with rice from the stall with the name 'Steven' on it.
We ordered dear's favourite Wat Dan Yuen Yong, a Sang Chao Wong Dai Mien and a Tofu with Choy Sum dish. My dear doesn't like their Wat Dan Yuen Yong, adding that the one I cooked is better (hahaha... :p). But we both love the Sang Chao Wong Dai Mien, which has Char Siew in it. The Tofu and Choy Sum dish was pretty good too! The Wat Dan Yuen Yong... Yea I agree it doesn't even look very good...
The very yummy Sang Chao Wong Dai Mien.
The Tofu dish has some mince pork, prawns and some dried sotong on top of it.
My squarish and cute bf... :D
My dear's leng lui gf... *grin*
Together with two small bowls of rice the meal costs RM25. Not too bad hey!

And then we strolled past Telawi, visiting some of the boutiques. Some are just so disappointing while some closed early... So yea, ended up buying nothing... :(
And then we ended the night with a drink at PapaRich at Telawi...I tell you what, I'm absolutely loving my new hairstyle!
Well of course not as much as the love for my dear lar (ish bloody yok mah I cannot take it anymore! :p)!
We are getting use to the fact that we are a 'mobile couple' because we don't really have a private room or house to just hang out together. So we are constantly thinking of places to go. So yea, slowly we are exploring new places.
But... If you have any new places to go for pak-tor session, please do leave comment and tell me all about it! I would really appreacite it!!!

Bonus pic: Took this at a smelly fruit stall in Bangsar, with the rubbish bin at the side... Do you dare to drink sugarcane juice after seeing this???


Wongchooteng said...

go search online for "lookout point" at Hulu Langat. nice view for pak toh

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah... Choo Teng! Long time no see!
I think we've been there once but they made it so commercialized that we didn't really like it that much.

rainbow mushroom said...

ok ok... very in love, i can tell!

ShiRLeXia said...