Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love Hakka Lee~!

This is a restaurant that I've been visiting quite regularly lately since it's located just next to the language school where I'm having my Korean classes at SS 15, Subang.Well, I must say I like the food there because they look and taste so much like home-cooked food, you'll feel so homey eating them. If you're longing for some homemade braised-pork you can get it here! In fact, you can see their operation is like a whole family kinda thing with the husband and wife there, sometimes you'll see their daughter and son helping out. And mind you, they speak English!
Anywayz, someone just told me the Hakka Mee (which I haven't even try) there isn't good, so yea, I guess it depends on which dish you choose.
So far, these are the stuff my dear and I tried and are very happy with...The noodles soup which comes with the braised pork! Yummy~! And you can choose from a variety of noodles, including my favourite Dang Hoon(glass noodles)!
Braised chicken with ginger and vege with rice. The chicken is just yummy~!
The Meat Ball Noodles with fried Wonton. This is the dried one and yes I had it with the Dang Hoon again~! :p
The vegetarian rice isn't too bad too if you feel guilty of having too much of meat, like my dear! :p
I really love their Sui Gao~!
I love their braised pork which has a homey taste and the pork is just as tender as I like it to be. The braised chicken with ginger is really really good too! It just make you feel like you're at home! Not to forget is the Sui Gao! Loving it!
The noodles and rice are around RM4 and above while the Sui Gao is RM6.50 for six pieces. I think it's pretty reasonable. Although, I think their drinks are slightly expensive, maybe that's their strategy?


Hayley said...

The CNY decorations is so pweetyy!! i wanna go KL la!

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey Hayley I think you've left comment at the wrong post... Hehehe...

rainbow mushroom said...

is hakka lee that good? then i want to try lor~

ShiRLeXia said...

I got mixed reviews from others, but I love most of the stuff there!