Friday, March 5, 2010

Home-cooked Wantan Mee

Just like my daddy, my dear loves Wantan Mee a lot, especially those slightly thicker Wantan Mee you can find in Taiping. So before I came back to KL, I got my mum to buy some fresh Wantan Mee for me, so that I can make them for my dear. So half of the dish is sponsored by my mum here. Thanks mummy! :)
I didn't have Wantan and Char Siew, it's totally a very simply home-cooked Wantan Mee...

Wantan Mee, amount according to own preferences.
Hong Kong Choy Sum
Taiwanese Sausages sliced into pieces

The sauce:
Garlic Oil (thanks to mummy again! :) )
Light soya sauce
Dark soya sauce
Sesame Oil

For Taiwanese Sausages
1. Just heat up a non-stick pan with oil, then fry them till they are cooked!

For the Choy Sum
1. Simple, just boil till they are cooked!

For the Noodles:
1. Boil in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes. Not too long okay cos then it will be too soft.
2. And then take the noodles out and put them into cold water.
3. Take them out again and put into hot water again. This whole process is called 过冷河,it's important to make sure the noodles doesn't stick together when you eat!
4. After that transfer the noodles onto your plate with the sauce already on the plate. Just toss them around to make sure the noodles are all covered with the sauce.
5. Add the vege and and sausages on top of the noodles and you're done!

Making Wantan Mee at home is fun especially when you can choose your own ingredients to be added in! Like me, I'm actually not a fan of Char Siew, not especially those lousy ones you always get with you Wantan Mee outside. So I added in my favourite Taiwanese Sausages! And my dear actually had three portion of the noodles when I cook for him. I think it will be quite expensive if you have three portion outside! See, that's the fun of D.I.Y! Plus, when your loved one praises you on your cooking, you'll be feeling so good!
Try cooking more at home, I'm sure you will enjoy it just like I do! :D

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