Monday, March 29, 2010

Oscar Fever Part 2

The Lovely Bones
A few people, including Lay Jing, told me it's quite a nice movie, and so we went for it.
The story itself is quite interesting, where the main character can always see what's happening on her family after her death. I think the part that I hated the most is towards the ending part. She suddenly went into other girl's body and we all thought she is going to reveal the guy as her murderer. In stead, she just wants a kiss from the guy she had a crush in school... WHAT THE *&^$(&%$!!!!!! Still, I love how the murderer died in the end, that was a really good one! :)
I wouldn't say it's fantastic lar, but not too bad I guess. Good cast too actually. Saoirse Ronan is young, pretty and talented! Apparently Stanley Tucci (acted as the murderer) has got quite a lot of nominations, including the Oscar for his performance in this movie! And the graphic in the 'in-the-between' world is really cool, you might want to pay attention to that.
By the way, this is a Peter Jackson's work, you're a fan of him?

The Informant!
This is based on a true story actually, but I bet Steven Soderbergh or perhaps the book decided to make it into a dark comedy kinda thing.
Well basically the story talks about this guy, Mark Whitacre, on how smart he is in cheating his way to get to the top of his company, something like that. It involves a lot of commercial criminal that you and I wouldn't understand so easily. But well the way the movie was delivered definitely makes you laugh like crazy... Mark=Matt Damon narrated the movie with a lots of random lines which is pretty random and funny to listen.
The story itself can be very boring, but the whole thing is pretty cool and funny. And Matt Damon, well what can I say, since Ocean's 11, I've already know how good he can be acting as a con man! :p
Not too bad lar this one...

The Blind Side
I'm about to tell you about one of the best movies I've ever watched, at least recently. I always love movies based on true story, especially encouraging ones. This one being one of them that i really enjoyed watching.
The movie is about Michael Oher, a huge black guy who under a white family's guardian, became a famous and successful American Football player. The story itself is actually quite expected one, yet, it is heart-warming and I don't know why, I just love it a lot!
Kudos to Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar's Best Actress for this movie. She is just very natural in the movie, very very... And I love almost everyone in the movie! Quinton Aaron, who acted as Michael Oher, Tim McGraw, Jay Head, Lily Collins, Katy Bates(oh yea, I always love her), etc. A nice cast is always the reason why a movie is successful, agree?
You can skip the two movies above, but you will regret it if you miss this one! :p


Hayley said...

Wow, you're really an Oscar fan! got part III or not? :P
i only heard about the 3rd movie...

ShiRLeXia said...

Got I'm sure there is a part 3, so stay tune! :p
Well, that matters the most cos the third one is the best one!