Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini family dinner @ Souled Out, Sri Hartamas

My parent and Vivian came to KL and are still in town for a short holiday. So 4e invited us for a dinner at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas. A first look at the place made me had high hopes with the very fancy-looking and crowded restaurant...It seems like a lot of Ang Mo love this place!
The atmosphere is no doubt, is very nice. The menu also looks nice with a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines for you to choose from. And despite the fact that it was pretty crowded, the food arrived quite soon after we placed our order.A family photo...
And I'm so glad that my dear is now 'almost' part of our family... Hehehehe...

Here are the whole loads of food and beverages we had that night...Dragonfly and don't-know-what at the back...
We had two plates of these yummy Calamari.
The Stuffed Tofu are pretty good.
Beef Friedn Hor Fun.
The Chicken Cordon 'BLURRRR'... Don't laugh, that is the REAL NAME, I'm not kidding!
Salmon Steak.
Sang Har Mien.
Some seafood Spaghetti.
Another kinda seafood spaghetti.
Curry Laksa with chicken and 'see hum'.
The Spaghetti with Grouper.
Garlic Naan with some very very spicy chicken.
For 10 persons, that was TOO MUCH of food I know. But honestly, because we basically shared everything with other family members, it wasn't too bad. I must apologize for forgetting to write down names of the dishes. I was too hungry and busy eating and taking photos of the food...
The Salmon Steak I had was not too bad, but I think nothing can beat the Salmon we had at California Pizza yet. Among the other dishes I tried, I would say the spaghetti with Grouper and the Garlic Naan are good. The rest are just so-so. The bill came up to around RM400, not too bad actually, considering we actually ordered quite a lot of food, with beer somemore!
But I guess Souled Out is more to atmosphere than quality of food.


rainbow mushroom said...

u sure ar, babe.
not nice lar~

ShiRLeXia said...

Did I say nice???
I said its atmosphere than quality of food mah...