Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Sam Si" Stir-Fried Chicken 三丝炒鸡

It's weekend again and I cooked dinner for my dear again!
The "Sam Si" Stir-Fried Chicken is a recipe I learned from Crystal, my friend from Hong Kong when I was in Perth. If you can read Chinese words, you would understand "Sam Si" here means three strips, which means the carrot, celery and mushroom in this dish. I think it's quite a simple yet nutritious dish where I don't need to think of cooking a meat dish and another vege dish, it's all in one now! :D

What you need:*Chopped Garlic
*Mushrooms, carrot and celery cut into strips (and yes I spent hours cutting them...)
*Chicken cut into strips and marinate with some soya sauce, sesame oil and pepper, add some corn flour to make them more tender
*Chinese cooking wine

The method:
1. Simmer the garlic in hot oil.
2. Add in the chicken and stir fry them a bit.
3. Add in the mushroom and carrot and continue frying.
4. When the chicken is almost done, add in the celery and continue frying. You can add some water from time to time.
5. Finally, some wine! I just love wine in my food!
6. It's all done when the chicken are cooked!
*See you don't even need any salt or chicken stock because the dish get the taste from the marinated chicken!

And ta da...This picture would serve as evidence that Ducum curi makan when I was taking this pic.
I garnished it a bit with the celery leaves.
Looks really really yummy hey??? I tell ya, even people who hates celery(like the bf) eat this cos the celery are cut into too tiny pieces! The smell wouldn't be so heavy lar!
We were camping in Ducum's room because someone took away the chair outside we can't have dinner like we normally do... Kesian...
I also made Old Cucumber Soup for dinner which was a very successful one too! :D

Bonus Pic:
Since my dear always come to my house with shorts or pants he wears all over outside, I wouldn't let him sit on my bed with them on. So I borrowed him my sleeping pants which looks so cute on him! But of course, I think my green polka dots one is cuter! :p

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