Friday, March 19, 2010

Oscar Fever Part 1

Managed to watch two Oscar nominated movies lately, hopefully more to come! :)

Wanted to watch Invictus just because of Matt Damon. And you all know how excited I was when he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the Oscar!
Well, the movie is based of a true story, about Nelson Mandela and how he used a rugby tournament to change his country and how people look at his country.
The movie started a bit slow and boring. I almost wanted to give up and walk out of the cinema, especially when the movie doesn't have subtitle, for some unknown reason and the people, including Matt Damon were talking with some South African accent. But second half of the movie were just great and exciting. I guess part of the reason is that I'm a sport fan lar, it excites me a lot watching rugby matches. Besides, I always like African culture and music, and that is why I love the movie so much. And that is why I'm so looking forward for the soccer World Cup this year! :D
I think this is a movie worth a watch, you will love the inspiring story, you will love the African music in it, you will love the exciting rugby World Cup final, with even a fake Jonah Lomu, and you will definitely love Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, and if you are a fan of Clint Eastwood, he is actually the director of the movie. Haha, sorry man I only noticed that in the end of the movie! But seriously, watch it with subtitle.

I think many people are surprised at Gabourey Sidibe's acting ability as this is her debut movie. She got an Oscar nomination only with her first movie! Watch her in Precious, you are going to be so amazed. And it inspires people more just because she is fat and not exactly a pretty actress.:)
The story is about a troubled 16 year-old girl and how she overcomes everything and how she enjoy studying. Sounds very simple, but it was delivered with some sense of humour. That is what I love the most about the movie. Very touching and very inspiring.
Besides Gabourey, Mo'Nique was also brilliant. And you'll be surprise seeing Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz in the movie! Oh no, now that I've mentioned it, it won't be any surprise then... :p

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