Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have your favourite Kim Gary dishes at home!

I'm sure a lot of you are fans of Kim Gary, the very famous Hong Kong styled cafe. I myself is a fan of their baked rice with cheese芝士焗饭 and borsch soup罗宋汤, while the bf always go for only one dish, the not-so-famous Black Pepper Pork Chop Rice黑椒猪扒饭.
I actually tried making the baked rice with cheese at home, now I did another test with the Black Pepper Pork Chop Rice.

What you need:Few Pieces of pork chop of course, marinate them with soya sauce and pepper beforehand, some big onions, some chili, oil, black pepper sauce, salt and corn flour (forgot to put that for the picture). Oh yea, rice, of course! :)

Method:1. Pan fry the pork chop on a non-stick pan.
2. When they are cooked, remove from pan and cut them into stripes.3. And then, heat up some oil in a wok, simmer the onions until they are golden-ish.4. Add in some water, then the chili, then some black pepper sauce, portion according to your liking lar yea.
5. When the gravy is boiling, beat some corn flour with water and add them in to thicken the gravy.5. Finally, put the pork chop stripes into the gravy and let them boil.

And that's it, pretty easy actually!
Serve them with some rice, like this...Or, if you want it to be like the one at Kim Gary...I'm kinda in love with the 10 coloured healthy rice my mum got for me from Taiping. Very crunchy and yummy... Plus! Healthier! :D

I also boiled borsch soup! Well I tried to make this soup N years ago but failed. This time around I got it right and the bf even thought it was much better than the one at Kim Gary that he even said the Kim Gary's one is nothing compared to mine! :p

For the borsch soup, it's even easier!Simply boil some pork ribs, onion, cabbage, carrots, celery, tomato and tomato puree with some ground black pepper and salt and that's it! It's something like ABC soup you have at home, only this one, with tomato puree in it. So there we had our Sunday night dinner... Very satisfying and much cheaper than in Kim Gary, portion wise, cos we had whole loads of rice and a HUGE pot of soup! WCL is a happy man! :p

I just love cooking and trying out different and new dishes!
Hmmmm... What's next ler???


Hayley said...

Wow,the pork rice and borsch soup 似模似样 wo...
i damn love their borsch soup!
thumbs up!

by the way, where to get tomato puree??

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea! I love their borsch soup a lot!!!
Urm, tomato puree ler, those in cans one, to make pasta one lar...

Terence Ong said..., I didn't know that you are such a good cook...those food looked yummy yummy...& your bf is surely lucky to have u...keep it going! :D

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha... Pai seh...
Thank you thank you~! :)