Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is gonna be a bit of everything...

Yes, I'm alive, and yes, I'm STILL jobless. I realized a lot of my friends are worry for me, but I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I haven't really have time think about 'me being jobless'. I've been pretty occupied with activities with the bf, with my freelance work and most of all, my Korean classes, the homework and the exam! I haven't even have time to plan my trip to Taiwan, which is happening in about less than 3 weeks time!
Of course, I'm very aware that I'm now jobless, but I don't want to make the wrong choice again you see, so I'm taking my time to think about my future, and to consider wisely which company I want to join and grow with, next. Well sure thing is, if you know of some vacancies at some trustable companies PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW! I thank you in advanced. :)

Dinner @ Little Penang, The Curve
I don't know where do you guys go with your bf most of the time. The problem with me and my dear is that we don't really have a private room or house to hang out, so we've been exploring new places to go. One of our favourite places is around Ikea, Ikano and The Curve area. I'll tell you why later, after this food review...It's been a while we didn't take picture like this!
Little Penang isn't new to me, I tried their Fried Kuey Teow before long time ago and I absolutely love it. But I didn't go back simply because I can't accept the fact that I have to pay so much for that plate of hawker food. But well, few days back the bf suggested so we went.I had the Assam Laksa.
The bf had the Fried Rice.
Kerabu Pucuk Paku... Yummy~!
I think the Laksa I had is pretty good, very thick, spicy and shower soup, lots of fish. Good one. Dear's fried rice? I forgot to ask him how was it, you gotta ask him. But the Kerabu Pucuk Paku is really nice too, despite the fact that I'm not such a fan of coconut...

We love hanging out at Ikea. You know why? Reason number 1) Dear is a fan of their Hot Dogs and they are bloody cheap! In fact, he was so sad when they disappeared for a few months because of some problems with the Hot Dogs supplier (yes he was so desperate that he went and asked at the counter...)! So glad they are back that I even had half of it as supper that day! :p 2) Well, I think a lot of you do that, make full use of the RM2 coffee or tea cup for free refill! That's what we always do, get a cup of coffee to share, and went on to refill until they are close for the day! Nice one, right? Kekekekeke...This is what you call a nice supper for the night!
So excited lar him to have finally had the Hot Dog!!!
So the next time you happened to drop by Ikea at night, buzz me! Cos I might be just right around the corner! :p

Dinner @ Blue Dragon Thai Restaurant, Cheras
On Thursday, I went to Cheras with my dear for a talk. So before that we went google searched to see if we can find any interesting place to have our dinner over there. Obviously, we are not familiar with Cheras that we had to follow the GPS all the way there! Blue Dragon at a glance...
Blue Dragon is located at Taman Cheras, same row as this very big restaurant called Junbo. The restaurant looks really nice actually, I love the whole design... It's just that it looks more like a Chinese restaurant than a Thai restaurant lar.Try to pay attention on the interior design, although I know it's hard not to notice the ghost-alike girl at the back... LOL!
Smile for my dear...
Here are what we had over there...Tom Yam Soup (small), RM 7.
Mushroom Roll, RM6.50.
Claypot Seafood Fried Rice, RM8.90.
Green Curry Chicken Noodle, RM8.50.
We both think the Claypot Seafood Fried Rice is the best of all we had ordered. I always like fried rice with the 'stuff' cooked separately, just like this one that we had here. It's just that well, that isn't really a Thai dish lar. The Green Curry Chicken Noodles is pretty yummy too~! The Tom Yam soup is pretty good too, although that isn't the best one I've ever had. The Mushroom roll is unique, taste more like a vegetarian dish.
It all came up to RM34, which is to me, quite reasonable. The food was not too bad and the environment is nice and cozy too! I shall visit it again whenever I go to Cheras.

Yeah Show 2010@ Wisma PGRM, Cheras
I missed Micheal Hui 许冠文 and 黄子华's 栋笃笑 in Genting, and I certainly know I missed something really BIG... Aih... If only they aren't that expensive lar~! :(
Anywayz, on Thursday I attended another kind of 栋笃笑, by 林以诺牧师, also all the way from Hong Kong. Well yea, it's part of the process of me learning more about Christianity that I agreed to go with my dear lar. He actually looks or perhaps acts a little like Michael Hui.
Well I must say, his isn't as funny as those I've mentioned above, simply because there are some boundaries lar. But it was in fact much better and funnier than I've expected! Had a good laugh really! It's just really something different, it's so cool to see preaching session can be so cool and funny! :D

Alright, that's it for now, time for some rest... *yawn~~~*


rainbow mushroom said...

i tot i want to go, but too last min...

ShiRLeXia said...

You mean Yeah Show?
Don't worry, I heard he comes every year!