Monday, June 20, 2011

Homemade Brickfields Indian Chickpeas

Few years ago when I was still working with a daily newspaper (oh and I miss all my uncle colleagues dearly!), I used to take a bus to Brickfields and make a transit to the office. Most of the time I couldn't help but always give business to this little corner stall, buying its very special chickpeas. And ever since I left the job, and ever since they sort of beautified that place, I can't seem to find that stall anymore and that is very sad... :(
So... One fine Sunday I decided to make the chickpeas myself, according to my memory of what are used to make it.

What you need: Chickpeas, dried chili, curry leaves, Indian spice seeds which I still haven't figured out what are they called, oil and salt... Isn't that very little??? *grins~~*

What to do:
1) For the chickpeas, soak in water overnight to soften them. Then to cook them, boil in salt water for about 30 minutes or until you can see some cracks on the chickpeas. Remove and drain the water off.2) Next thing, heat up a wok with some oil, mine was olive oil and it was definitely less than the one I got from Brickfields. :)
3) Simmer the curry leaves and dried chili in the hot oil.
4) As you can smell the the curry leaves and dried chili, quickly add in the spice seeds and stir-fry them a bit.5) Next, pour all chickpeas in and stir fry under medium fire. Add some salt to taste.6) Until you can see the chickpeas are covered by the oil and spices, you are done! Serve the dish warm.

Now, isn't that easy???
With a scent of the curry leaves, spice seeds and dried chili, the chickpeas of course taste like some Indian food but they really smell and taste fantastic!
I think this dish is just perfect as TV snacks or even for parties. It's definitely healthier than potato chips! If you want to make sure it is always warm, just keep them in the rice cooker and turn it to 'keep warm'!Simple recipe which turned out to be VERY GOOD! Even Deardo Wong loves it and I'm very proud of my first try!:)


Anonymous said...

Yummy.... :D

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks~! :)