Monday, June 20, 2011

Patriotic Dinner @ Sao Nam, Empire Subang

It's a new restaurant at Empire but apparently it has been around for quite some time in Bukit Bintang! I'm so outdated!Anywayz, Sao Nam is not only a very high-end-looking fine-dining Vietnamese restaurant, to me I would label it as the most patriotic Vietnamese restaurant. Look around the restaurant, it has the star on the Vietnamese flag all over the place, including the wall and the t-shirt! And if I'm not mistaken, they put Ho Chih Minh's face all over the place too! They are very catchy and I'm loving the entire concept!I wouldn't mind if they offer me the t-shirt! LOL!
I'm so in love with the wall!!!
Enough of the design, here comes the food...It's a must for me to try the Vietnamese Rolls!
Deardo's sis had the Vietnamese Beef Noodles.
Deardo's Dried Noodles with Shrimp Soup.
My Curry Chicken Noodles.
The Vietnamese Rolls have very well-done skin and fresh ingredients. The only thing is, the leaves and mint leaves in the rolls were just too much it was a bit like eating grass. The sauces were good too! Deardo's dried noodles was not too bad too, I especially love the shrimp soup that comes with it. The beef noodles that Deardo's sis had was unique compared to other Vietnamese Beef Noodles I had before this. The soup is a lil' spicy and appetizing but I reckon it is not as good as the one at Pho Hua. I had the Curry Chicken Noodles which tasted more like a Singaporean Curry Laksa. Not too bad but nothing fantastic.
The bill came up to around RM85 plus for a meal for three persons. I would say the restaurant serves very interesting Vietnamese food, perhaps a little commercialised lar. I might go back for their other dishes just because they sound interesting. But taste and price wise, I still prefer Pho Hua.


Sheoh Yan said...

I went to Vietnam in March, since then I love Vietnamese food. Especially the springroll.

ShiRLeXia said...

Oh yea, the spring rolls is always a must!
I'm hoping to start cooking Vietnamese food too! :)