Monday, June 27, 2011

Tom Yam Fried Bihun

Although I have never been to Thailand (yea and recent plan to go to Bangkok under the company's staff outing also tak jadi), I've always been a fan of Thai food. Tom Yam, green curry and even the BBQ Plaza... By mentioning them I'm already salivating! *slurp~~~*
One dish that Mamo and Deardo's mum both love to cook is Tom Yam Fried Bihun. I'm not sure whether or not it's originally a Thai dish or it's just something the Malaysians have created, but both Deardo and I love the dish a lot! So I decided to cook that one day. Combining Mamo and Deardo's mum recipes, the bihun was a true success! Yay~!

So here's what you need:Bihun soaked in water until soften (not in picture because Deardo was being lazy :p), Tom Yam paste (don't be stingy with the amount), chopped garlic, sliced onions, sliced lime leaves, chicken fillet marinated with soya sauce, pepper and cornflour, cabbage cut into strips, 2-3 well beaten eggs, some lime.

What to do:
For the egg:
1) In a hot wok (yes, thanks to Deardo Wong, I know we can make this without a single drop of oil), pour the eggs in and sort of fry the egg. Make sure it's very thin.2) When it's done, remove from wok and cut it into strips. Set aside.
For the Bihun:
1) Heat up some oil in a wok.
2) Then simmer the garlic, onion and lime leaves until the garlic and onion turn brownish.3) Now add in the chicken and continue to stir-fry them a bit.4) When the chicken are almost cooked, add in the Tom Yam paste (stir the paste with water beforehand). Make sure the amount of Tom Yam paste is enough for your Bihun. This will decide the entire taste of the dish! Continue to stir-fry everything.5) Add in the cabbage. 6) Add in the Bihun and stir them around to make sure the Tom Yam paste are spread evenly.Yea, that's Deardo's hands.... I'm really bad in frying big amount of noodles so he always help.
7) Done! Serve the Tom Yam Bihun with the fried-egg strips on top and squeeze the lime juice over for an extra kick.

I would say my recipe is slightly closer to Deardo's mum's recipe, which is simpler. Mamo's one will have Bunga Kantan, black fungi and she will normally use prawns rather than chicken for the dish. I do prefer Mamo's one more but hey I think mine was not bad too! :p
I think the secret to a yummy Tom Yam Fried Bihun are the lime leaves, Bunga Kantan (which I didn't put) and the lime. These ingredients will surely give the dish some extra nice scent and taste.


Hayley said...

Tauke, bihun goreng satu~

ShiRLeXia said...

This is quite easy to make! Maybe one day lar I can make some for you too!