Friday, June 10, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2

You know what? I just found out I actually watched the Cantonese version of the first Kung Fu Panda!
Anywayz, I watched the English version this time around, without remembering the storyline of the first one.... Sorry! Come on, I didn't even remember I watched the Cantonese version one, what do you expect? :p
So this time around I think the storyline a bit more serious and sophisticated, which is to me, quite cool. Although it was quite boring half way through the movie, I do think the climax was really good. The action, the animation, the funny script were all cool. Only if they could make it not so boring in between, the movie would be perfect! I also love the fact that they put in Po and his 'father' Mr. Ping's relationship and made it so cute and touching! :)
Voice wise, I'm just very excited to hear Michelle Yeoh! I'm pretty sure you can recognise her voice easily, just like I did!
Overall, great entertainment and good messages!

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