Saturday, June 25, 2011

Overloaded Steamed Egg

Deardo and I are trying very hard to eat healthily and not to consume too much of meat recently. Hence, that one night I decided to make some healthy steamed egg. Unfortunately, what supposed to be a light meal became a heavy one, just because I decided to dump a lot of stuff in the steamed egg. That is why I named it 'Overloaded Steamed Egg'.

What you need: Well beaten eggs with soya sauce and pepper (add in water at least two times the amount of the eggs), minced pork marinated with soya sauce and pepper, sliced Chinese sausages, Shitake mushrooms cut into slices, potato cut into thin slices, Fu Chuk cut into small pieces, wolfberries.
What to do:
1) In a ceramic or metal bowl, spread the minced pork evenly at the bottom as the base.2) Now lay layers of potatoes and Chinese Sausages over the minced pork. *Yes, by now I already realised I might have been a bit too greedy...~~~*3) Then, lay the Fu Chuk and mushrooms.4) Pour the eggs, and sprinkle the wolfberries on top of everything.5) Pre-heat some water in a wok, and then put the bowl to steam for about 10-15 minutes and you are done!
Despite the fact that there were too much of ingredients in the dish, most of the stuff actually turned out alright. We especially thought the Chinese Sausages went well with the eggs, whereas the potatoes was a no-no as they weren't soft enough. Our so-called healthy dinner turned out too be not-too-healthy because once again, I over-cooked the amount of everything, except for the rice! *Burp~~~*
Yea it was a bit too ambitious to have so much of stuff together but well, it actually tastes not too bad and we did finish the dish! Next time around you and me (ha, if you are going to try doing this) should just skip the potatoes and this nutritious dish will be perfect! :p

Supper @ 槟华潮州粥, Old Klang Road
Since I only took very little pictures, I've decided to put it together with this post.
That was one night that we went out for supper after a long long while. We wanted something really light and not too filling and it was a very last minute decision to stop by this shop as we cruised past Old Klang Road for some Teochew porridge! Oh yeah, Teochew porridge, FINALLY!!!Since we are trying very hard to be healthy, we only took three dishes, with only one of them being meat. I absolutely love the steamed pork! The Muey Choi also was pretty good without the pork. It was very tasteful yet not oily at all! But I think most importantly, the porridge was not as watery as the normal Teochew porridge you find in most restaurants. Yet, it wasn't too thick like the Cantonese porridge. So I would say the porridge was really really good!I AM SATISFIED!!! YUMZZZ...
Together with two bowls of porridge, the bill came up to RM10, which is reasonable to me! And judging by the quality of food and price, this is definitely way better than the one I had at Pudu! I think we might be visiting this shop more often whenever we want some healthy supper! :)

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