Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Very Own Election Review

Seriously, it's just SO not me to be talking about politics. A day before the voting day my colleagues were actually making fun of me because I can't tell them which party is Lim Kit Siang from! They said he should actually kill himself because of that! Alright, come one, I know he is from the opposition and the party with a rocket on it, I just don't bloody know the party is called 'DAP'! It would be stupidier if I can answer them rocket without knowing what is the name!
I admit I know almost zero about politics and well, I'm not even registered yet... And I regretted it so much just because damn, what an exciting and interesting election our country had just gone through! Look, just two days before the voting day, I met an old friend and she was voting for the first time. We all agreed that we should just vote for the oppositions because we all knew that BN is going to win, so let's just make the margin smaller. And then I thought, if everybody has that kinda thinking, then BN is going to be so in a deep shit!
And then it actually happened! I was in the office the whole day and the atmosphere was so bloody exciting that I actually stayed back till 10-ish at night just to feel the 'heat' of the entire thing! The result was really a shocker to many! Of course the general desk people were very busy but that doesn't mean the sports desk were damn free, okay? We have all these assignments of calling up and sms-ing friends and family to updates on the latest result, wah, bloody busy man...Full house in the office, and the time was 10.15pm...
And I would like to highlight some people or some stuffs of the whole thing...
THE ONES THAT MY COLLEAGUES WERE HAPPY THAT THEY LOST... Uncle Samy Vellu and M. Kayveas. Needless to say, they are Indians. Oooops... Am I not supposed to reveal this? Okay, everybody knows why people hate them, okay? Even for Ducum who had never really use the tol said she is glad that Uncle Samy lost. As for Uncle Kayveas, I don't really have any idea about the whole thing although he was competing in my hometown. Let say he's just unlikeable...Bye Uncle Samy, don't forget your hair!
THE ONE THAT I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY THAT HE LOST... Datuk Zainuddin Maidin (Datuk Zam).
Look, to be very very honest, I didn't know this fellar until the Bersih thingy and the interview he had on Al-Jazeera. The day when I saw the interview on TV, which was played
again and again and again on that day, I wanted to be like Simon Cowell, saying:"It was horrendous! Seriously, it was awful! The broken English and brainless comments were such a shame to all Malaysians!" And I didn't know that he had also commented that bloggers are stupid until I saw this brilliant post by Kenny Sia recently. Check it out man, you'll love it! I mean, fuck you! We bloggers are not stupid!!! And by the way, I was so called 'under' him once because I was in RTM for 3 months! Good thing is he won't be there anymore! Kakakakaka... Perhaps RTM can now play porno every night to prevent rape cases in Malaysia!THE ADS THAT MADE ME LAUGHED LIKE CRAZY... To see only BN's ads on TV were so boring. I love it when I was in Australia and all parties can stab each other openly on their TV ads! It was so cool! But out of some boring stuffs, there were actually some interesting ones this time around!
And this one was the one that made me laughed SOOOOOO LOUD!

HUGE improvement for the government in being creative in theirs ads! Hahahahaha...
And this radio ad is funny...

THE ONE THING THAT I'M AMAZED AT... Politicians nowadays have blogs! Don't play play! I'm serious, especially the DAP people, they all have their own blogs, including Uncle Lim whom I shall now remember which party is he from for the rest of my life! I didn't go through all, but I found Teresa Kok's one very interesting, she even calls herself 'Sassy MP'! What more is that, a controversial blogger namely Jeff Ooi actually won during the election(lazy to find out where was he competing lar)! Yam Seng to all bloggers! Kenny Sia, do you wanna try in Kuching next election? Hehehehe...THE HEAD-TURNING ONES... Victor Gu and Hannah Yeoh (plainly my personal picks). I mean, to say someone's good-looking is very subjective. But there isn't any hesitations if you want me to pick the guy candidate that I like the most. It has to be Victor Gu, who was contesting for the first time in Damansara under BN. He was my idol back when the days he started hosting the Chinese version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He is so much more better than Jallaluddin Hassan...
Jallaluddin: Adakah ini jawapan muktamad?
Shirlexia: Yea, muktamad, awak memang tak se-handsome Victor.
And He just has this naive look that I couldn't believe he got into politics when I saw him in a magazine talking about it! Plus, he speaks well, done nothing bad, a role model to many... Unfortunately, HE LOST. I actually think our beloved PM's son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin is quite cute, but no doubt, he has a face that you kinda just wanna punch on. He's really soooooo not likeable, and rumours are he's xxx (No, no, I didn't say anything). I saw Hannah Yeoh's poster near my house one day and I was like, wow, this girl is PRETTY! Seriously, she is HOT! How can guys not vote for her? And yes, she won in Subang Jaya. Coming close in second place would be Nurul Izzah Anwar. Congratulations to her for a historical win over Sharizat at Pantai, where ironically the government TV/radio station, RTM is located at.Whatever it is, I'm very glad that Malaysians had 'grown up'. Seriously, when the result showed that the oppositions were winning, I was scared that the 513 would happen again! My mom actually told me on the phone that she had forgotten to ask us to buy some extra food to be kept at home just in case of any curfew. But deep inside, I knew it wouldn't really happen because people are more ermm... Open-minded I think. I mean, even Malays themselves voted for the oppositions, so I never really thought the 513 incident will repeat.
But I found the aftermath of the so called 'Tsunami' in Malaysian politics is that people are scared. People are scared that things would change under a new government! In my desk, the football writer is worry that the new state governments may not fund their state football team, or worst, any sports in the state. Many people, including me are scared that PAS would make tax-free liquor disappear in Langkawi. I mean, how sad is that??? In Perak where my hometown is, people don't want a PAS leader to be their MB. I mean I'm cool about it if there is no choice that they have to elect a Malay to take the post, just make sure that he does not close Karaoke Centres in Taiping and wants us to cover ourselves up with tudung and stuffs! Okay? We are still under DAP, not PAS!
So, the BIG question here is, are we actually ready for such a change?Next time, vote for me lar, I give you lots of chicken wings and corn!!!

P/S: You may or may not see this. But I've noticed it way before t
he election. The three alphabet 'ABU' and I was wondering, what the hell is that? I don't think the Graffitti people would like to call themselves Abu? And then I found out later...

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