Sunday, March 16, 2014

13 Things I'll Miss (or Not) @ My Ex-workplace

So end of last month I left my job which I was with for the past 3 and a half years. It was quite emotional as I bid my farewells to some of the funnest, coolest, awesome-st and (fill in the blank with more nice words) people.

How emotional, you may ask? Something like this...
Taken from Lea's Instagram.
I don't know if I'm worth so much for Lea to say such good things about me. I mean, I can be the biggest bitch on earth if I want to but if we really click, I guess we will enjoy each other very much as friends! Aye? 

Anyway, I've decided to do an entry about some random stuff about my ex-job and my ex-colleagues (who are really, my friends now) in a Buzzfeed way!

1. The Birthday Pranks
Brace yourself as you may find your face all over the office, including the toilets on your birthday! Even the big boss got it, okay! 
I must say it was REAL FUN!!! Haha!

2. To be called or call people 'idiots' or 'stupid' all the time... 
Well that was a day after I left I realised I was also one of the 'idiots'.
Talking about calling people names, we also helped name our manager's son, without being asked! How committed to work were we???
Needless to say, she picked 'Lee Kum Kee'.

3. The Karaoke Sessions
Malcolm and I, we made the best partners-in-crime! 

4. The Ikea Sessions 
Aaaahhh... Missing those days...
It made us feel a bit more foolish, I mean Swedish...

Practically where I picked up my knowledge on fine-dining.
And the food...
Chef Karam's everyone's favourite Macaroons!
 And more food...

6. The opportunity to play a monkey fashionista at the annual dinner
Wait, am I seeing butterflies? No, I mean, shuttlecocks??? WHAT~~~???

7. And at the Hari Raya celebration, CNY celebration and National Day celebration...
Mind you, it was tiring wearing some of these costumes! :p

8. Or create our own colour code day
Or not pre-planned
Totally not pre-planned too that all the above are shades of green! LOL!!!

9. To be reminded of myself as a journalist, although I wasn't one...

10. The Gym Sessions 

11. The Company Trip
What's with us and Gangnam style by the way? Huh?

12. Be part of an award-winning organisation and be really proud of it.

13. But really, it was the awesome people. Not only the colleagues, but the students too!
(I figured by now you would have guessed I worked in the education line. Not a lecturer though, I don't think the above photos show any good example if I were a lecturer. LOL!)
We even bid farewell to our lovely cleaner kakak in style! She is the bestest cleaner we've ever had!!! 

Work was work and it was tough and it is still tough. But to you guys who made working life so much fun and enjoyable, THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU! Thanks for all the laughter, tears, assistance, guidance, adventure and great memories!!! :D

P/S: Absence from blogging was due to work trip to Taiwan. Shall blog more from now on! Yay!!! :) 


Hayley said...

Why resign?
Wanna become siu nai nai already? :p

Anyway, what is your new job now?

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahahaha... Hayley I really wish to! But before becoming siu nai nai, still need to work to save the money first!

It's more related to F&B. :)