Saturday, March 22, 2014

Best Tiramisu in Town @ Alexis Bistro, BSC

We were introduced to Alexis by Ah Ku who invited us over for a late night coffee and cakes after dinner. The bistro/café reminds me of Delicious since they serve both Western and local delights, with wide range of cakes.
It was about 10pm and their outlet at BSC was still very crowded with some still having their late dinner. Deardo and I couldn't help but ordering an Al Funghi Pizza to share while Ah Ku ordered their Tiramisu, cheese cake and I picked the Zucotto Dome to try to go with some coffee.
Al Funghi Pizza, RM35.
Zuccotto Dome, RM13.
Tiramisu, RM16.
The pizza I must say was really satisfying. With a super thin crust, tomato base that tastes of high quality and the fresh mushrooms... It really makes Deardo wanting to go back for more of the pizza!
Cafe Latte and Cappuccino, RM11.50 each.
Dessert wise, the Tiramisu was AWESOME!!! I don't think I've ever tried any Tiramisu that good before. The cake was fluffy, has layers of stuff, including a layer of yummy chopped chocolate, liquor, coffee and the generous amount of almond praline as topping... Gosh, that was heaven! Of course I later found out that the Tiramisu at Alexis has been famous for quite some time now, it was just me being slow! LOL! I didn't try the cheese cake (it was Adrian's) but I didn't quite like the Zucotto Dome which has way too much cream. I heard they have very nice Pavlova (my only favourite Aussie dessert) too and I'm looking forward to try it out one day. I personally didn't find their coffee good though.
A family supper yo! 
So with a pizza, three slices of cakes, four cups of coffee, and 16% of service charge and tax, the bill came up to RM139.20. Definitely not the cheapest supper, but I really love it and have promised myself to go back once in a while to try out their other hot food which look absolutely tempting too! :)

*Actually went back on Christmas day hoping to try out some dishes but they were having Christmas menu so we left after 30 minutes wait for a table! Better luck next time...

Alexis Bistro
Lot F15A, First Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandar Raya,
59000 KL
Tel: 03-2284 2880

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