Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shopping for CNY

My colleague just called and told me my boss had approved my leaves and all, and I'll be off from 4th-17th! Heeee~Hah~~! Oh come on, after a whole one year without leaves, it's time for a break right?
Alright, so I guess you know I'm talking about the CNY break. I still can't believe CNY is coming in one week time, everything just seems so sudden! I'm already sick of the CNY songs everywhere! And all of a sudden I'm going back next Tuesday. I mean, gosh, I haven't even gone for a CNY shopping spree yet!
So yesterday I went for a little shopping spree, and the location is Sungai Wang. Hehe... Damn I know people always say people who go to Sungai Wang are 'la-las', but I really like to do shopping there. Not all their clothes are that 'la-la' there, and they are cheaper than other places! But of course I have to admit that most of them are 'la-la' clothes, which made me spending a longer time to hunt for something I want for CNY--something red or pink. In the end I bought this really cute purple colour short dress, and it's less than 60 bucks! Now lets compare this to Ducum's CNY clothes, she bought a skirt for 80 bucks, then a pair of shorts for almost 100 bucks, all branded ones, definitely not from Sungai Wang.
And the main thing is, I've bought my mobile phone! Since my last one got stolen few months ago, I've told myself I must buy back before CNY, and I can't believe it came so soon! Anywayz, now that I've got my phone back, I warn you all the perverts who are trying to steal it away from me again... DON'T YOU DARE!!! Now you can compare that with Ducum again. She insists that her phone must be purchased at the Nokia shop, not at the booths at Sungai Wang like I did. I mean, I still buy the ori phone, and the price is cheaper, as I sat there chatting with the guys for a while, they gave me more discounts. So why do we have to go to those shops where you can never even think of cutting down the price?
Anywayz, I was also going to buy books at Borders Times Square but they don't have the book I want, but told me they have it at Gardens. I didn't even know they have a branch there! So since I was going to the gym at Mid Valley, I got into Gardens for the second time. As you all know, I can never afford any of the stuffs there, but as I reached there, I had to look for the rest room to pee. As I saw the 'man and woman' sign board, I quickly walked over but to my surprise there was a sign board saying you need RM 5 to use the toilet! I was of course too embarrassed to just walk away from the toilet counter. So I had to pretend to look at the sign boards above the lifts over there like I'm looking for some places then walked away slowly... Now I know why is Gardens so 'high class'! Luckily the toilets in other floors are free! Phew~!
And then it was the first time I went to the 3rd floor where there are so many fancy restaurants! One day when I have the money, I wanna go try the Taiwanese restaurant that looks really expensive! I also found the Starbucks in the Borders there really nice, you can see the view outside from there, it's really cool! At least it's better than the one at Times Square where all you can see is the Harvey Norman and people lining up for snacks at the cinema! Too bad I had to rush to the gym later, otherwise I would have just stayed there comfortably for a long long time!
Again, I'm warning you, don't you dare to come near my phone!
Yes? What are you looking for? Not my phone, right? Grrrrhhhh...
Don't you dare!!! Cos I'll be going out everyday with my pepper spray, knife and umbrella... Ella.. Ella... Eh... Eh...

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Anonymous said...

auyo girl, the last two pics look so funny lah, CRAZY MAN!!!