Thursday, October 9, 2008

保持通话&Eagle Eye

保持通话 Connected

Eagle Eye
Erm... I actually think this movie sucks! I'm very sorry. I watched two action movies in a row, and after Connected, I found Eagle Eye a bit boring.
Okay, I understand there is a possibility that in the future there is such hi-tech robot or computer system like the one in the movie, but at the moment I really hate the fact that they are making a movie that makes the US looks so fabulous with all the technologies... And to me, the action is too little, and half way through it got really boring...
Although... Hehe... I actually like the two main actors, Shea LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan! They are probably the hottest actors this year, we've seen them in so many movies this year. I think Shea, especially, has became quite a good actor since Transformer.
And then... I Rene just came home with the latest copy of Newtide. Now, we both agreed that the so-called 'The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia' in the magazine looks really annoying... Okay, I'm not talking about their look or their body. It's just that I don't understand why they have to wear so little... Some of them were wearing underwear! Like really short one! OMG! I don't think they need to do that to become 'The Hottest Hunks in Malaysia' lor! The more I look at them, the more geli I feel!
I was telling I Rene, let's see if there is any guys I know from the gym. And then she started to say 'eiyerrrrr....' when she found this guy, with the most 'outstanding' pose... And and and... I just SCREAM when I saw that guy! And I mean screaming like Aaaarrrrhhhhh... Like when I saw a lizard in my room (choy, choy, choy, touchwood!)! He is my Body Combat instructor, Myke, one of the cutest instructors at the gym!!! OMG!!! Why does he have to do that to destroy the good image and impression I had on him??? Why???


Nishiki said...
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Nishiki said...

Basically we do not choose what we are going to wear in the photo shooting, it is decided by the sponsor and the organizer, and much flesh we have to expose is up to the fashion director and/or the photographer.

ShiRLeXia said...

Ho ho ho...One of the hunks came! No thanks to google! :p
Nishiki? I hope you didn't think that I was offending you or anything like that... It's just by nature, I think its not so 'good-looking' in undies, I mean, even swimming trunk would be better.
And yea, I do know it's the sponsor... But...
Haha...Never mind... Good luck! :)

Car_carmen said...

哎哟,我发现我真的不是很会post comment给你哦!!不过我个人也真的很喜欢保持通话,我觉得应该是英皇电影最好看的一部,而且没有用配音那边才够真实!!!那个武侠梁祝就。。。看到我!!!哎,还是保持通话一级棒!!!有机会看看!至于画皮,华语版的比较有味道,如果是广东版的就会很不好看了!!!

ShiRLeXia said...